Science fair projects from 1st to 6th Grade

Science fair projects from 1st to 6th Grade, science activities for students, physical, earth and environmental sciences.,


Teach students how to make an anemometer

Teach kids how to make an anemometer from simple materials.

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Biogas Project

How to make biogas

Teach students about biogas and how to set up a plant.

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Lightening project

how to make lightening science project

This is a science project on teaching students about lightening.

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Erosion Project

How to prevent erosion project for students.

A science activity on how to prevent erosion for students.

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Stain & laundry

removing stain from laundry experiement for students

Teaching students how to remove stain from laundry with an experiment.

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Salt & Sugar

How to seperate salt from sugar mixture

An experiement for students to seperate salt and sugar mixture.

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Telling time from sun

how to tell time from looking at the sun's position

An activity on telling time judging from the position of the sun.

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Inflating balloons

self-inflating balloons project for kids.

A science project for students on how to do self-inflating balloons.

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Phototropism Experiment

Phototrophism experiment for kids.

Teach students the process of phototropism with an experiment.

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Food preservation

Food preservation experiment for students.

A food preservation experiment for 4th to 6th graders

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Renewable energy

renewable energy project for kids.

A renewable energy project for kids. In this case wind energy.

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Seismic waves

seismic waves

Seismic waves and how they are formed, a science project.

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The Tongue

Taste areas of the tongue lesson for kids

Teach students about the taste areas of the tongue.

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Global warming

Global warming and climate lesson for kids

Global warming and climate change lesson for kids.

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Music & Memory

The effect of music on human memory for kids to know.

The beneficial effects of music to the memory, some ideas ....

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Effect of Video Games

the effect of video games on kids

The effect of video games on kids education, some things to know.

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Rust Formation

Rust formation lesson for students

Rust formation lesson for students, practical explanations.

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Plants Wilt

magnetic levitation activity for kids

Find out in this lesson some reasons why plants wilt.

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Pulley System

The single pulley system lesson for kids

Teach students about the single pulley system. Read and learn.

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Tropical Rainforest

Teaching kids how to make a periscope from simple tools

How to make a tropical rainforest ecosystem science project for kids.

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Vegetative reproduction

Vegetative reproduction of plant parts project for students

Learn about vegetative reproduction with this science project.

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Water Cycle Model

A water cycle model for kids

Teach students about the water cycle by making a model.

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Birds & colors

what colors are birds attracted to ? A lesson for kids

A lesson for kids about the colors birds are attacted to.

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Sustainable Development

A lesson for kids on sustainable development.

A sustainable development lesson for kids - Learn the concepts

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Weathering & Rocks

what weathering is and how it affects rocks.

Teach students about weathering and how it affects rocks.

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Why apples turn brown

Reasons why apples turn brown.

Some reasons why apples turn brown lesson for students.

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The Ocean

why oceans don't freeze.

Why does the ocean not freeze ? A lesson for students on oceans.

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Windmill science Project

windmill science project for kids

A windmill science project for kids. Learn how to make one.

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