Interactive Science Quizzes For Children, 1st to 5th Grades

Interactive Science Quizzes For Children, 1st to 5th Grades. Take multiple choice question tests, gap fills and matching exercises both in the classroom or at home. The exercises on this page cover science topics studied in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. These science tests cover topics such as: Animals and classification, functions of body parts, ecosystems, climate and weather, volcanicity, plate techtonics, adaptations, Earth sciences, life sciences and physical sciences and more. Click below to take a test. New: Quizzes For 4th to 7th Grade>>>>

1st Grade Quizzes

1st grade science activities for kids

Review practice with games for 1st grade.

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2nd Grade Quizzes

2nd grade science practice

2nd grade science activities for kids to review.

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3rd Grade Quizzes

3rd grade science

3rd grade science worksheets, games & more

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4th Grade Quizzes

4th grade science quizzes

4th grade science online quizzes for students.

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5th Grade Quizzes

5th grade science quizzes

5th grade science quizzes online for students.

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6th Grade Quizzes

6th grade science quizzes

6th grade Science Quizzes

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Science Diagrams

Science diagrams

Learn to label diagrams online

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Interactive maps

Locate and spell towns and more on maps

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