Sciences Quizzes For 4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Sciences Quizzes For 4th, 5th, 6th Grade, Interactive online science tests in biology, chemistry, geography and physics for kids. Free homeschooling science resources for teachers, parents and students. Learn about the Earth and its processes, climate, biology topics like digestion, genetics, plants and adaptation, cells, ecosystems and more. Features science quiz questions and answers, science quiz games, etc. Click on links below.


adaptation of plants and animals quiz online

Adaptation of plants and animals to their environment quiz for students.

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Science quiz on Atoms

Learn about atoms in this multiple choice questions test, learn about the structure.

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Climate & Data

Science Quiz climate and data

Science quiz to learn about climate data and interpretation of tables and graphs.

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Science quiz on diseases online

Quiz on the Earth and the solar system, questions and answers MCQ test.

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Solar System

Earth and solar system quiz

Learn about the planets and their positions from the sun, charateristics etc.

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Earth Movements

Science Quiz on Earth movements.

Learn about Earth movements and different processes involved in this quiz.

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Energy Transfer

Science quiz on energy and energy transfer.

Review skills in physics about energy and how energy is transfered.

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Force & Motion

Force and motion quiz online.

Science quiz for students on force and motion, learn the concepts and more.

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Cell Functions

Functions of the parts of a cell quiz

Learn about the functions of the different parts of a cell, cell wall, nucleus

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Heat Waves

Science quiz on heat waves

A physics quiz for students to learn about heat waves, how the move, properties etc.

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Quiz about heredity and genes

Interactive online quiz to learn about genes and how they are transmitted.

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Animal cell

label and animal cell diagram quiz

Biology quiz on labelling an animal cell diagram in an drag and drop exercise.

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Plant Cell Diagram

Label parts of a plant cell diagram quiz online

Learn to draw and label parts of a plant cell in this matching exercise.

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Laboratory Rules

Quiz on some laboratory principles

Learn about some laboratory rules and principles for science students.

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Bird Life Cycle

Life cycle of a bird quiz

Biology quiz for students on the stages of a birds life cycle.

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Ant Life Cycle

The life cycle of an ant quiz online

Quiz with interactive diagram of an ant's life cycle online

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science quiz about life and related facts

Learn some facts related to life in this online science test.

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Earth Processes

Quiz about some processes that take place on the Earth's surface.

Earth processes, erosion, volcanicity, landslides & more Geography quiz.

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Scientific Names

Scientify names of animals biology quiz for students

Biology quiz on learning scientific names of some animal species.

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Chicken Life Cycle

The life cycle of a chicken quiz. Features an interactive diagram

Quiz with interactive diagram of a chicken's life cycle, egg to adult

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Animals Facts

Quiz on some facts about animals

Learn some facts related to how animals live and adapt in various ecosystems.

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Earth's Core & Rocks

Science quiz about the Earth's core and rocks within.

Science quiz for students to learn about the Earth's core and rock formations.

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Five Senses

Science quiz on the five senses

Biology quiz on the five senses, smell, sight, feel, hearing. MCQ test.

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Digestive System

The human digestive system biology quiz.

Learn about the different parts in the human digestive system with this quiz.

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