Teach Students How to Make Lightening

What you will be learning today is how you can make lightening. After this tutorial, you will be able to see how possible it is to create your own lightening in your home. Just read on and follow the instructions that will be explained below to enable you make your first lightening.

The Methods
It is important to point out that there are two methods through which you can make your own lightening. Each method has different requirements and they will all be stated below for you to properly understand them and then make your choice. How to make lightening science project for kids

What you will need for the first method
The things that you will be needing for the first method to be possible are:

  • Get a steel pot that has a plastic handle. The reason for the plastic handle is for your safety. And please note that you need a steel pot and not an aluminum pot.
  • Get rubber gloves
  • Get an iron or a fork that is made of steel
  • Get a sheet that is made up of plastic.

What you will need for the second method

  • Get a balloon that is inflated.
  • Get access to clothing that is made up of wool. For best result, you can decide to go with a sweater that is made up of wool.
  • Get access to any surface that is metal. For instance; the knob of a door that is metal or even a filing cabinet that is metal.

Applying Method 1

  • Wear the gloves
  • Have the plastic sheet placed on a table top
  • Make sure that the room is very dark. Have every opening that brings light closed.
  • Now have the iron pot that you must have brought rubbed continuously on the plastic for some time.
  • Be sure that you have the fork on your other hand while this is going on. Now in a slow way, use the prong of the fork to look as if you want to make contact with the pot. As you are getting close there will be a light that is tiny. You should be able to see it since the room is dark

Applying Method 2

  • Get the balloon that have been inflated
  • The room should be dark
  • The balloon should be rubbed against the sweater that is of wool. This should be for a period of about ten minutes.
  • Now move the balloon to anything that is metal and you will see the lightening that it produces. Hope you liked this science project for students on how to make lightening| 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades

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