What Colors Are Birds Attracted To?

We are all atracted to colors of some sort. Are birds attracted to certain colors ? The short answer is yes ! Some are vibrant, some are bright, some are dark, some are highly eye catching, and others not so much. Different colors attract the eye of different species. For example, sharks are attracted to orange and yellow, so wearing either of these two in water where there could be sharks would be highly dangerous. Most birds are attracted to bright colors, but thankfully they’re not dangerous if those colors are nearby. Colors birds are attracted to

Birds see the world very different than humans do. But, some of them see color in a similar way that we do, they just find different colors more attractive. Pigeons see ultraviolet, therefore colors appear vastly different to them than other birds. Hummingbirds are attracted to red, pink, orange, and yellow, so anything ultraviolet wouldn’t appeal to them. Bluebirds and bluejays are attracted to the color blue. Goldfinches are attracted to yellow as well, and orioles are attracted to orange. This proves that some species of birds are attracted to the same colors as other birds. But, not all birds are attracted to just pink, orange, red, yellow or blue. Some species of birds are attracted to other colors, too.

So, if you were going to build a bird feeder and paint it orange, you’d most likely attract hummingbirds and orioles. You’d attract other birds with other colors, depending on what color you chose. But you could definitely paint a bird house or a feeder based on the type of bird you want to attract. It’s also been said that birds protect their nests as well as attract mates by flashing the color red. Some birds are attracted to different flowers based on their color or what kind of flower it is. For example, sparrows or finches are most likely attracted to sunflowers or chrysanthemums.

Birds are very interesting creatures, and their attraction to colors is all the more interesting. Want to test the theory for yourself? Build a few feeders dedicated to a few different types of birds, paint them colors like red, yellow, brown, and green. Get food for each of the species of bird you’re wanting to attract to put in the feeders, and grab a notebook to jot down your daily progress. This way you can see for yourself, over time, just what kind of birds are attracted to which colors. Plus, you can also learn more about different species of birds this way. A great learning experience indeed! Science fair project for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade students.

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How to attract birds to a birdhouse

Nesting birds is the desire of most children. They are fun to watch and feed. However, how do you attract birds to a birdhouse in the first place? This question surely bugs a lot of wouldbe bird lovers. The first thing to note is the fact that not all birds use houses. Some examples of birds that do not use houses include species like cardinals, orioles and goldfinches. Leave out those and focus on those that live in houses. Other birds like bluebirds, purple martins, house wrens, chickadees, tree swallows and more, do live in birdhouses. Don’t worry, you have a wide range of birds that will surely come around your birdhouse if built correctly. Here are a few tips on getting things done correctly:

  • Make sure you select the correct location for the birdhouse

The habitats of birds differ from one species to the next. It is important to set things up in the location that is frequented by the species you want to attract. House wrens for example like their houses hanging from a small tree in an open yard as opposed to purple martins that prefer their houses placed on a tall pole somewhat in the middle of an open space. Think about species that live close to water and prefer their nests lower to the ground and close to rivers. Do some research about the species you want to attract and their habitats to get an idea of where to locate the birdhouse. 

  • Birdhouse size and design

Some birds live as a couple while others live in large communities. Depending on their lifestyles, build a house in the shape and size that will accommodate the community. Also think about the size of the bird when designing the entrance hole to the birdhouse.

  • Painting and colors

As seen earlier, birds are attracted to different colors. Paint the birdhouse in a color that birds are attracted to. Read about every bird you plan to attract and research the colors they like best. Consider painting the birdhouse in that color. Also let the house dry and ensure that the smell of paint is almost completely gone before installing the birdhouse.

  • Attract birds with food

Also remember that unlike humans, birds need to search for food everyday in the wild. Make food readily available around your birdhouse so that birds get to discover that environment. 
Following these steps will increase your chances of attracting the birds you love to feed and watch.


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