9th Grade Science Games Online

On this page, you will find a rich collection of 9th grade science games for classrooms and homeschool purposes. Each game is an interactive online quiz with several answer options to choose from. Some of these games are fun and can be played in groups while others take the form of individual test questions. To play a game, simply click on the green buttons or on the image to be taken to the individual games page. After playing these games, students will learn the topics that were initially listed. Students will review biology questions, physical sciences and Earth sciences.

US States

US states quiz map online

Map of states in the U.S. Drag and drop.

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Europe Countries

Europe countries quiz online

European countries quiz - labelling quiz online.

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African Map

Africa map labelling quiz for kids

Africa map labelling quiz for online practice

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Asian Countries

Asian countries map quiz

Asian countries map quiz online for students.

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A game on the life and habitats of a rhinoceros.

Facts about the life of a rhino game.

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Planet Saturn

Game about the planet saturn.

A quiz game about Saturn online.

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Deserts online quiz

Deserts and their characteristics

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A Closer Look at 9th Grade Science Subjects

In 9th grade science, students explore three different disciplines: life, earth, and space science. They learn how to measure time and space, as well as volume and mass. They also study the structure of matter. Students also learn about earth structures and changes, geology, and the basics of oceanography. Throughout the course, students will become more aware of the world around them, including its climate and animals. Here is a closer look at each of these subjects.

Earth and space science

A ninth-grade Earth and Space Science course builds on the knowledge students have gained in middle school by revealing the interrelated systems that govern Earth. It also allows students to relate Earth Science to human society, exploring five major content areas. The objectives reflect many aspects of the course that are relevant to our society and emphasize engineering solutions. Students learn about the Big Bang Theory, the evolution of landforms, and the formation of the solar system.


Whether you are interested in the study of matter, its changes, and how it interacts with its environment, chemistry for 9th grade science is a course worth taking. The subject is filled with information on the fundamental constituents of matter such as atoms and molecules. The course is intended to be challenging and engaging, but you won't have to worry about getting bored with it. There are several resources available to help you learn more about chemistry, including a library.


Students in the ninth grade will study Newton's three laws of motion and how motion gains momentum. They will also study the concept of energy conservation. To get the most out of this subject, you can consider enrolling your child in an online physics tutoring program. Students can take advantage of the benefits of online tutoring for science classes, regardless of their current skills and academic background. Ecosystem for kids comes in handy.

History and scientific inventions

Students who study U.S. history for ninth grade science are likely to learn about the Industrial Revolution. This major shift in American history produced epic changes in the country's educational system, consumer culture, and the nature of corporate life. They will also learn about the role of science in shaping the American way of life. Finally, students will learn about the role of social movements in shaping American society. For example, they will learn about the emergence of the feminist movement. Although this does not directly hinge on the sciences, you will learn about several inventions that marked different periods of history.

AP courses

If you're looking for a challenging yet fun course, you might want to consider AP courses for 9th grade science. This course will prepare students for a rigorous AP examination in the spring. Most of these classes are offered online. You can choose the ones that fit your schedule. If you don't have time for the actual classroom sessions, consider taking online AP courses for 9th grade science instead.

Weather and environment

In the 9th grade, students are exposed to various aspects of the scientific world. This includes how the earth and other natural objects work, and how heat energy can affect weather patterns. In addition, they learn about the instruments that measure weather conditions. They learn a lot of science vocabulary as well. The next step in this process is understanding how different materials affect weather conditions. These two topics are closely related. 

Interactive Online Maps

Learn about different parts of the world through interactive maps. In these games students will use drag and drop features to place different locations of a map on a blank map within a given period of time. These interactive maps will certainly be great fun additions to a classroom exercise in Geography. The fact that you need to position different locations within a given time adds to the intensity and fun of the game.

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