Countries of Africa quiz - Africa map quiz online


African map quiz labelling exercise.Africa is a continent that is the second largest in terms of the number of inhabitants after Asia. Covering 1/6th of the Earth’s total surface area, Africa as of 2018 has 1.3 billion inhabitants. Some people confuse Africa for a single country; that is not the case unfortunately. If you fall in this group, why not try taking a test to find out. The countries of Africa quiz here is a true test of your knowledge of African countries. It is the Africa map quiz in which students are required to drag and drop the names of countries shown in a map. 
Africa has over 50 countries and each country is distinct in terms of people and cultures. The North of Africa is made up of countries like Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Egypt; these countries have some aspects in common, particularly the fact that they are dominated by the Arabic language and culture as a whole. The middle part of Africa is occupied by the Sahara desert which cuts across several countries. The Sahara is a large desert characterized by extreme dryness. Countries like Niger, Tchad, Mali etc are partly touched by the influence of the Sahara heat and dryness. In the middle section of Africa, cutting through from East to West, there is a rainier and greener belt. The Equatorial part of Africa is characterized by impenetrable jungles containing a very rich biodiversity. Countries like Cameroon and the Congo have large areas of Equatorial forest. Going South gets a little different. There is also a desert in the South called the Kalahari; however, South Africa at the southernmost part of Africa, is a country with a lot of diversity of people and landscapes. This is the land of the Zulu and Xhosa people. The land where some tribes speak a language that contains clicks in it. How interesting is that ?
Africa is so diverse, and the diversity starts with a multitude of countries having different interesting names. Try out the countries of Africa quiz online and start to improve your knowledge of African countries. Have fun playing with the Africa map quiz and only stop the journey when you know all the names and positions of countries in Africa. For children in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.