Physical Science For kids, 1st to 5th grades

Physical Science For kids, 1st to 5th grades, chemistry for kids, atoms and elements, physical and chemical changes, electricity and magnetism, heat flow, forces and more. Here children can learn with the free games and worksheets which contain multiple choice questions in some cases and gap fills in others. Click on each topic below and unlock a weath of sceince materials which include games, worksheets and quizzes. Games include rally, catapult, pirate games and moonshot games. Games are online and feedback is instant as students play. Learn science with fun and review both at home and in the classroom. Science activities for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Atoms & elements

atoms and elements, science for kids 1st to 5th grade

Activities on atoms and elements, parts & functions.

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Change of state

changes of state of matter, solid, liquid, gas

Changes of states of matter e.g. solid, liquid, gas

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Electricity & Magnetism

electricty and magnetism activities for kids.

Practice and review electricity and magnetism topic.

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learn about force in science, teach kids

Review activities on force and motion, games & worksheets.

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materials and their properties science for kids.

Activities on materials and their properties, games, quizzes, worksheets

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Laboratory exercises

laboratory activities for children, science games, worksheets pdf

Learn about lab practices, precautions, safety and more.

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Learn about mixtures in science for kids

Mixtures, homogeneous & heterogeneous, games & worksheets.

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Physical & chemical change

physical and chemical changes, science activity for children

Learn about physical and chemical changes & processes involved.

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