Precipitation Formation Game Quiz Online

This Precipitation Formation Game Quiz Online is for students in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Learn about the different forms of precipation and how they are formed. Did you know that snow, hail, rain etc are all forms of precipitation. Also note that precipitation is an important process in the water cycle. It is refers to all processes that remove water from the atmosphere and return it back to Earth. It may come back in solid form (hail) or liquid form (rain). This game contains 15 multiple choice test question with only one correct option. The game can be played to review this topic in the classroom and at home. Learn about precipitation while having fun.


A game on precipitation formation online.

Understanding Precipitation

Precipitation occurs when water particles fall from the atmosphere to ground. Water particles that are too heavy to remain in the atmosphere cause gravity to kick in and force them to fall to the ground. This article will discuss the formation of precipitation, as well as its various forms. We will also discuss the importance of precipitation, and its various types. We'll also be discussing the conditions that can cause precipitation such as temperature, humidity, or rainfall.

Types of Precipitation

There are many types of precipitation. Precipitation is simply all liquid that falls from the skies. Snowfall, rain, hail, and other forms of precipitation are all examples. These forms of precipitation are a part of the water cycle, which is an inexorable process. How does this process begin? Let's see what the next sections reveal.


Larger droplets can grow in size through condensation and coalescence that occurs during precipitation. Larger droplets will have a greater terminal velocity and collide with smaller ones to form one large cloud. Some of these collisions cause droplets to separate, but not all. Contrary to evaporation which produces large droplets from smaller ones, coalescence can be enhanced by the opposing electrical charges. Large droplets can be formed by strong updrafts.


The gravity of the earth's atmosphere controls the amount of rain that falls on the earth. Most precipitation falls as surface runoff on the land and into the oceans, and some of this water enters the rivers in the valleys. The rivers carry the water from the land to the oceans. Without gravity, the water in lakes and oceans would simply disappear. Therefore, gravity is important in keeping water on the earth, and it is a fundamental force that pulls precipitation back to the earth.


I hope you have learned a thing or two about precipitation. Check out the resources on this page to practice with your students in the classroom or at home.