Asia map quiz - Asia countries quiz online


Asian countries map quiz for children to practice names of countries.Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of people and land mass. Asia is very diverse and only the Asia map quiz can give you a glimpse. Think about it, Asia has two of the most populous countries in the world; India and China. Both countries individually have a population almost the size of the entire African continent. Asia is not a country; this Asia countries quiz will teach you the names and positions of Asian countries on the map. When talking of Asia, one of the countries people easily think about is China. That is obviously because China’s economy is the second after that of the USA and most of our manufacturing and electronics come from China. Most people don’t realize that the world heavily relies on China for a lot of primary manufacturing. China is culturally and linguistically diverse; the North contains Turquic people while the rest of the country is dominated by the Han chinese people. The diversity of people also lends china to a diversity of languages and food. A large part of China’s population live on the Eastern shores of the country. India is another popular country in Asia for its IT sector, food and diversity of people. In terms of technology, Japan and Korea are other Asian countries that are popular for their development and technology. Other important Asian countries include the Philippines with its pristine beaches, Indonesia with its fantastic cuisine, Mongolia with its rich history, Sauda Arabia with its religious history and monuments, Oman and more. Asia is a continent of contrasts in terms of ethnicities, cultures, politics and economics. In terms of landscape, Asia has the highest mountain in the world, the most picturesque scenery and long rivers. Begin your Asia tour with an Asia map quiz online and learn the names and positions of different countries. For children in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.