Earth Day Game Quiz Online

This page features a Earth Day Game Quiz Online. It is an exercise for students studying science in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th to 8th grades. Students will learn about planet earth in this online activity. Remember to learn more by readding the article below.


Earth Day game quiz online

Earth Day is an annual celebration – a date in which people join forces across the world to celebrate nature and participate in activities to help shepherd the environment for generations to come. Of course, you don’t need to wait for Earth Day to help our planet – but how much do you know about this lively event?


       Invest in Our Planet This Earth Day

When was the first Earth Day? On April 22, 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson, a California native who had recently seen the devastating effects of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA, decided to take a stand for the environment. Protests across the country included environmental pollution from factory smoke and air, loss of habitats for animals, and animal extinction. In the years since Earth Day has inspired numerous environmental action projects and led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Invest in Our Planet


Every year, we celebrate Earth Day to call attention to our planet's dire state. Small businesses are stepping up to help the planet by raising awareness of the need to invest in sustainable practices. On Earth Day, Invest in Our Planet organizations are encouraging the public to take action by making a one-time donation or setting up recurring donations to climate, sustainability, and conservation groups. There are many ways that Americans can invest in our planet, but there are some that are easier than others.

First, you can invest in green investments. Sustainable investment firms and green investment experts are available online and in your local area. Consider using a local business for your everyday purchases. These investments will help the environment and future generations. And because the future of our planet depends on us, we should invest in it today. By doing this, you can be sure that your money is going to a good cause. Invest in Our Planet on Earth Day and do your part to help the planet!

  • Conservation


This Earth Day, more people than ever are turning their attention to the effects of climate change. It is imperative that we do our part to protect our planet, but climate change affects the most vulnerable citizens first. That is why many people choose to conserve the environment, rather than waste energy or produce garbage. Thankfully, there are many programs that promote environmental awareness and civic engagement. The Earth Day Network focuses on several goals that help people worldwide become more environmentally conscious.
These goals are the foundation of many Earth Day events worldwide, and they can be categorized into ten core issues.

Earth Day events can be fun, too! You can participate in a parade, a street fair, or other fun activities by dressing up as a plant or animal. You can even get involved in local businesses and participate in an Earth Day event. You can even participate in a community effort to plant trees and improve the public landscape. The Environmental Center is the place to go on Earth Day, so there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day and contribute to its protection.

  • Biology


The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 when a substitute teacher inspired Mary Lou Guerinot, a professor of biology at Yale. The event, which took place at a time when environmental pollution and social unrest were at an all-time high, sparked her interest in biology. Guerinot has since worked in many different branches of science, and the common theme throughout her research is the importance of protecting biodiversity. This year's Earth Day events are just the latest example of how students can help protect the planet.

Students can learn about the importance of planting trees during their classes and as an extension of the lesson, the Earth Day Network hopes to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020 - one tree for every person alive today. Students can participate in tree planting efforts and learn about how pollution affects our planet. It is much easier to prevent pollution than to remedy it later. A fun way to teach students about pollution is by engaging them in a small-scale simulation of the problem. In the classroom, students can conduct a pollution search activity to learn about local pollution issues.

  • Environmental action projects


As a way to honor the memory of Earth Day, many organizations, groups, and individuals have created or joined official campaigns. These initiatives aim to educate the public about environmental issues and rally people to act. Earth Day was first observed in 1970 when millions of people took to the streets to protest against deforestation. Some New York City protesters shut down Fifth Avenue while students in Boston held a "die-in" at Logan airport.

Following Earth Day, Environmental Action began reporting on a broader range of environmental issues. These included the Clean Air Act, nuclear power, the Vietnam War, highway construction, mass-transit, and environmental justice. Radical critiques of corporations and government practices were featured frequently in this periodical. Some publications focused on environmental justice, pollution, and poor people. Nevertheless, the magazine continued to be a vital source of information and activism.

  • Music


For Earth Day 2022, the Ballroom will host a concert called Music for the Planet. The show is part of an exhibition called "Kite Symphony," which features seven artists who will invite audiences to immerse themselves in the sonic landscape of the exhibition. As part of the concert, the exhibition will expand to the courtyard, where live-score performances and sunset shows will be held. Whether you want to hear the full song or just the chorus, the ballads will help make your Earth Day celebration memorable.

One of the best songs for Earth Day is the "Earth Song." It is an excellent way to introduce the environmental message to small children. It features easy-to-understand lyrics and a message of respect for Mother Nature. Children are naturally fascinated by the cycle of life and are naturally attracted to songs that emphasize nature. Children are able to grasp the message of respecting and taking care of the environment through song and chanting.

  • Celebrations around the world


In the Philippines, there are marathons as part of the Earth Day celebrations. Whether you're interested in a 5K or a 42K, there's a marathon for you! In South Africa, Earth Day is celebrated with an Earth Expo, which features educational forums on sustainable nutrition and entrepreneurship. In Paraguay, Earth Day festivities are organized by the nonprofit group Para La Tierra. The organization will work with local schoolchildren to discuss sustainable infrastructure and tree planting, as well as building nesting boxes for birds.

In 1970, twenty million Americans organized a protest against the deterioration of the environment. This day is also the day between spring break and final exams, and the protests were coordinated by thousands of colleges and universities. This event quickly grew in popularity, as environmental activists and students shared the same values. During the 1970s, April 22nd was seen as an important time for college students to get involved in the celebrations, as it fell between final exams and spring break.