Nervous System Game Quiz Online

This page features a Nervous System Game Quiz Online. It is an exercise for students studying science in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th to 8th grades. Students will learn about human nervous system. Play this game and learn about it. Remember to learn more by readding the article below.


Nervous system game quiz online

Now here’s a quiz that might get on your nerves – because it’s literally all about your neurons! Your noggin is one of the most important parts of your body. Keeping it active, well-rested and well-fed by learning and practicing your skills is a sure-fire way to make it healthy as you grow. Let’s see how well you understand the inner machinations of your mind.


The nervous system is composed of nerve cells, or neurons. Approximately how many neurons are in the brain?

  1. 100 million
  2. 1 billion
  3. 10 billion
  4. 100 billion

This is an insulating layer found in some neurons that helps them send signals faster using less energy.

  1. Dendrite
  2. Node of Ranvier
  3. Schwann’s cells
  4. Myelin sheath

Male humans are observed to have more _____ matter, while females have more _____ matter.

  1. grey, white
  2. white, grey
  3. black, white
  4. grey, red

The longest nerve in your body travels from the spinal cord to the toes on both sides of your body. It is called the…

  1. sciatic nerve
  2. optic nerve
  3. vagus nerve
  4. olfactory nerve

This is the large upper part of your brain.

  1. Cerebellum
  2. Cerebrum
  3. Brainstem
  4. Spinal cord

Sitting just above the brainstem is the part of your brain that helps control your balance and coordination. This part is the…

  1. Spinal cord
  2. Cerebrum
  3. Cerebellum
  4. Pons

This is the part of your nervous system that doesn’t to be consciously-controlled.

  1. Somatic nervous system
  2. Central nervous system
  3. Peripheral nervous system
  4. Autonomic nervous system

The CNS (central nervous system) consists of your brain and spinal cord. On the other hand, the PNS (peripheral nervous system) includes your…

  1. cranial nerves
  2. spinal nerves
  3. peripheral nerves
  4. All of the above

Which is a component of your PNS?

  1. Somatic nervous system (SNS)
  2. Autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  3. Both A & B
  4. None of the above

This part of the CNS controls your breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat and consciousness.

  1. Cerebrum
  2. Brainstem
  3. Frontal lobe
  4. Cerebellum

The cerebrum is divided into lobes. Which lobe is mainly responsible for understanding language; sensing touch, pain and heat; and speaking?

  1. Parietal lobe
  2. Occipital lobe
  3. Frontal lobe
  4. Temporal lobe

The term “cortex” refers to the…

  1. Surface of the cerebrum
  2. Folds of the brain
  3. Nerves connecting both sides of the brain
  4. Cranium

This is the key site for controlling the ANS.

  1. Pineal gland
  2. Pituitary gland
  3. Hypothalamus
  4. Thalamus

What do you call the “master gland” in the brain which controls all other endocrine glands in the body?

  1. Pineal gland
  2. Pituitary gland
  3. Salivary gland
  4. Thyroid gland

Long-term memory is processed in the…

  1. Prefrontal cortex
  2. Cerebellum
  3. Frontal lobe
  4. Hippocampus