Rhinoceros Facts Game Quiz Online

This page features a Rhinoceros Facts Game Quiz Online. It is an exercise for students studying science in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th to 8th grades. There are different species of rhinos and each species has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the others. Some are large in size, some are small, some have one horn while others have two horns. They all like staying in water for long hours to keep cool and search for food. They are all herbivores and are known to be very aggressive against intruders. Learn about these gigantic creatures in this interactive online science game. If you like the game please remember to share it.


Rhinoceros Game Quiz Online. Learn some facts about this animal in an online test.

Interesting Facts About the Rhinoceros

The name Rhino is an abbreviation for the rhinoceros, one of five species of odd-toed ungulates found today. This highly intelligent mammal is one of the largest animals on earth, and its size makes it an interesting subject for children and adults alike. Rhinos are social animals that fight with their teeth and not their horns. Here are some interesting facts about these incredible animals.

Breeding females can be more than seven times larger than males

There are four species of rhino, each with its own unique characteristics. White rhinos, black rhinos, and Sumatran rhinos all have two horns, and Javan and Sumatran rhinos only have one horn. Both rhino species have a distinct social structure, and males and females live in groups of up to six individuals, usually with calves. Adult male rhinos defend territories ranging in size from one to three kilometers, while female rhinos have territories seven times larger, depending on their population density and habitat quality.

The dominant male rhino lives in a small territory and shares it with one or two subordinate males. Males of the same species rarely intrude on each other's territory, and dominant bulls do not follow receptive females into other males' territory. The dominant bull marks his territory with urine and defecates in dung heaps. While subordinate bulls do not make much of an effort to communicate through scent, they do defer to the dominant bull when they meet.

Rhinoceros have a complex social structure

White rhinos have a highly complex social structure. Adult males defend their one-square-mile territories and compete for females using their horns and large size. The highly social and highly intelligent animals are likely to become endangered in the near future. 

Rhinoceros fight with their teeth - not their horns

Although there are several species of rhino, most rhino species fight with their teeth, especially Asian rhinoceroses. Three species in Asia use their lower outer incisor teeth to strike opponents. African rhinos are much shorter in stature, but they do not have such long incisors. Nevertheless, both White rhinos and Black rhinos fight with their horns.

The white rhino is the largest species of rhinoceros. Its head weighs up to 2,000 pounds. It measures between five and six feet tall. These rhinos are vegetarians, and they eat up to 100 pounds of vegetation per day. Their diet consists of grasses, leaves, and twigs. The Indian rhino is the tallest species of rhino.

Rhinoceros have a bad temper

Do rhinoceros have bad tempers? Well, they do. Some rhinos scratch and rub themselves constantly, developing large folds in their skin. Others scratch and rub themselves repeatedly. Regardless of the reason, rhinos have an instinctive aversion to fire. Those who have observed rhinos in the wild will agree that these animals have a temper. While it is not clear what makes rhinos so difficult to live with, they do tend to be aggressive and often display bad behavior.

These large mammals are notoriously dangerous, because they lack good eyesight. They are known to charge at people when they feel threatened. Some rhinos have even been observed charging large rocks. While some rhinos charge at humans, this behavior is unwarranted. Although rhinos can't see well, they can hear and smell very well, which is why they often charge. A black rhino may charge at you when they perceive you. They can reach speeds of 45 km/30 miles per hour, but they turn around fast after missing a charge. They communicate with infrasonic frequencies, which are not heard by humans.

Rhinoceros are killed by humans for their horns

The trade in rhino horns involves hardened criminals killing the animals and causing harm to other humans in the process. The trade often involves the use of poison injected into the rhino's horn. The poachers don't care that the horns are poisoned and the final consumer in Asia doesn't know the difference. Rhinoceros are most often poached in South Africa's Kruger National Park, a tourist destination. Because of its popularity, the government will not allow any rhinos to be transported from the park.

Whether this trade is legal or illegal depends on the specific situation. Legalizing rhino horn trade will merely increase demand for rhino horns, allowing more consumers to buy the product. This is great for the horn traders, but a disaster for rhinos. It will also destroy efforts by non-governmental organizations and state governments to raise awareness of the trade and to protect the rhinos.