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Geography games online | learn geography online free | online geography quiz | Classroom games for teachers of children from kinder to 6th grades.

US States

US states quiz map online

Map of states in the U.S. Drag and drop.

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Europe Countries

Europe countries quiz online

European countries quiz - labelling quiz online.

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African Map

Africa map labelling quiz for kids

Africa map labelling quiz for online practice

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Asian Countries

Asian countries map quiz

Asian countries map quiz online for students.

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Canadian Provinces

Canadian provinces map quiz

Map quiz on provinces in Canada - Label each.

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Water cycle

life cycle diagrams

Interactive Water Cycle Diagram

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Science diagrams

Science diagrams

Science diagrams online - Interactive diagrams

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catapult game

Sample 3 catapult game

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Earth Processes

earth processes game quiz for 2nd grade science

Learn about some processes that occur at the surface of the Earth..

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Identify rock types

identifying different rock types science game for 2nd graders online.

Pirate game for kids to identify rock types based on pictures.

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Earth movements

Moonshot game on Earth movements online for 5th grade review.

Moonshot game for 5th graders to learn about Earth quakes, volcanicity, plates etc..

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Read thermometers

thermometer reading activity for kids in 1st grade pdf test

Teach kids how to read a thermometer activity for 1st grade kids

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Kinds of rocks

identificatio of rock types 2nd grade worksheet for kids pdf

Learn about some processes that occur at the surface of the Earth..

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Thermometer reading

reading a thermometer 2nd grade worksheet for kids to review.

Learn how to read and record date on thermometers pdf

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Earth processes

Earth science worksheet for grade 2 pdf

Learn and review some 2nd grade Earth science processes, pdf sheet.

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Climate data

climate data reading worksheet for kids to review 4th grade skills.

Teach kids how to read climate data on graphs, pdf printable.

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Learn geography online free of charge with this interactive geography games online collection. Geography is a very interesting subject and contains two main branches. These include physical geography and human geography. Physical geography focuses on processes that occur in the Earth’s crust, on the Earth’s surface and in the atmosphere. Branches of physical geography include climatology, geomorphology, biogeography, oceanography (discipline of its own). Given these examples I hope you can guess what physical geography is all about. Let’s take a topic in geomorphology like volcanoes, it studies all the processes involved from when magma is forced out through cracks in the Earth’s crust, right to when it appears as a volcanic eruption. During this process, Earthquakes are felt and new landforms are created. However, the process is not as simple as this; there are different types of lava and their effects have differing degrees of damage. During a volcanic eruption, Earthquakes are felt that vary in degree of impact depending on how much damage they cause. Volcanoes have greatly shaped the world as we know it and there are several topics children will love to learn about in this branch. What better way of doing so than a game on volcanic activities. Another physical geography topic which children also love is learning about soil erosion through wind or through water. The good thing about this topic is that it can be demonstrated in a live class easily through a simple erosion experiment. Check out YouTube for such demo videos and you will find out. Erosion caused by wind has led to several interesting landforms in deserts across the world. Water erosion has led to transformations in several landscapes and the features created is something worth learning about. Furthermore, we have activities on map reading where children will learn about continents, oceans, towns and provinces in different places around the world. There is much to learn in physical geography and we are committed to increasing the content on this page. Also featuring are human geography topics covered on this website. Here children learn about how humans transform their landscapes through the activities that they carry out. For example, agriculture, lumbering, forest exploitation, marine transport, politics, geostrategy and more, all constitute human geography topics which children will learn about. We focus on making these activities fun through interactive geography games online. What this does is, eliminates the hassle of one time use worksheets which teachers struggle to keep up with. These games are free and can be used safely in the classroom or at home. Students can decide to partake as a group or as individuals. The grades for each activity will be displayed automatically at the end of each game. Have fun learning geography.