Canada provinces quiz - Canada map quiz online


Canadian Provinces Quiz. Learn the names and positions of these provinces on a map.Canada is one of the largest countries in the world after Russia. It is a country that has vast swathes of land divided into ten provinces and three major territories. The Canada provinces quiz will teach you the names and positions of some of these provinces. One of Canada’s provinces called Quebec a French speaking region owing to its French colonial legacy. However, the vast majority of Canadians do speak English. With the Canada map quiz, you will also learn about some places in Canada that you have never heard about. This country has a lot of hidden gems that can only be discovered when you get there. Did you know that Canada has an aboriginal population living in small communities and speaking their own distinct language? These tribes are the original settlers of Canada. Today, several immigrant groups have come to settle in Canada due to its open door policy to immigration from around the world. One of the biggest sporting activities in Canada is Hockey. If you wondered why a sport played on ice has become Canada's biggest sporting activity then think again. The long winters of Canada make it a suitable place to practice ice skating activities. Canada also has warm summers during which outdoor activities like biking are very common. There are trans Canada biking routes which cyclists trail in groups during the summer. The provinces of Canada are each different in terms of economic activity and policy. People gravitate towards different parts of Canada depending on the kind of activity they do on a daily basis. Start to improve your knowledge about Canada by taking this interactive Canada provinces quiz online.. For children in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.