5th grade science worksheets, PDF Printable

5th grade science worksheets, PDF Printable. Topics covered include:electricity and magnetism, force and acceleration, laboratory work, atoms and elements, cells and their characteristics, ecosystems, fossils, heat waves, properties of materials. each worksheet is a PDF printable activity with and answer key attached. They are all free. Print and test you skills.

Atoms & elements

atoms and elements diagram worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet with questions on atoms and elements, characteristics etc.

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Atom, element properties

worksheet for 5tth grade on atoms and elements properties pdf

What are some properties of atoms and elements ? MCQ pdf sheet.

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Cells & functions

worksheet on cells and their functions 5th grade

Learn some functions of parts of cells and more information about cells.

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Characteristics of cells

cells and their characteristics worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet on some facts bout cells and their characteristics. PDF printable

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Classification of animals

classification of animals worksheet

Identification of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and more. Pdf activity

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Characteristics of mammals 5th grade worksheet pdf

Learn some characteristics about mammals. Distinguish mammals with their features.

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Vertebrates, Invertebrates

vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet

Distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet. Print pdf.

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ecosystems 5th grade worksheet

Learn some concepts about ecosystems, relationship between animals & more

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learn about ecosystems worksheet pdf

Definition of some key concepts related to ecosystems, pdf worksheet for 5th grade

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Electricty & Mg.tism.

electricty and magnetism 5th grade worksheet pdf

What is electricity, a switch, circuit, magnetic field etc. Print and learn

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Fossils & Extinction

worksheet about fossils & extinction 5th grade

This worksheet about fossils, fossilization, extinction of animals & causes.

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dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet 5th grade

Some quick facts about fossils, dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet.

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Force & Gravity

Worksheet on force and gravity for 5th grade

Worksheet on force and gravity, distinguish between types of forces.

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Speed & acceleration

speed & accelration worksheet pdf

Speed and acceleration activity sheet for children. Printable pdf.

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Earth Movements

earth movement 5th grade worksheet pdf

Science activity on earth movements. Printable pdf worksheet.

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Plate techtonics

5th grade worksheet on plate techtomics, pdf

Learn about the Earth and plate techtonics. Learn about continent building.

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Heat Waves

5th grade worksheet on heat waves.

Learn about heat waves. This is an activity sheet with an answer key.

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force and motion worksheet for 4th grade printable

Activity sheet on learning about mixtures and nonmixtures. Identify mixtures.

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Properties of materials

properties of materials worksheet.

Larn about the properties of materials and everyday objects. Print and practice.

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Laboratory work

data interpretation worksheet for 5th grade

Read and interprete the data on the piecharts. Also plot a graphh, pdf sheet.

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Lab Principles

Some basic laboratory principles worksheet for children. pdf

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Scientific methods

science worksheet on mixtures 4th grade

Learn some scientific methods and ways of recording data worksheet pdf

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Scientific reading

laboratory readings and techniques worksheets pdf 5th grade

Learn how to read and interprete laboratory test results.

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Earth Processes

earth surface processes worksheet pdf 5th grade

Learn about some earth processes like erosion, wildfire, floods, wind etc.

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Weather Trackers

weather trackers worksheet for 5th grade, pdf

Learn how to interprete some weather and climate data from weather trackers.

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Label Flower

4th grade worksheet on labelling parts of a flower pdf.

Learn about mixtures, methods of separating mixtures, distunguishing between both.

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Sc. Names

scientific and common names of organisms worksheet pdf.

Learn the scientific and common names of animals: dog, elephant, fox, tiger etc.

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climate data and predictiosn worksheet for 4th grade

Climate data reading and predictions worksheet, read graphs, temperature, rainfall etc.

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Reading thermometers

Learn how to read a thermometer worksheet for 4th grade.

Teach students how to read thermometer readings in degrees, mercury level etc.

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Weekly Temperature

reading weekly temperatures activity sheet 4th grade

Teach students how to read weekly temperature data on this worksheet and learn predictions.

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Force & Motion

forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration worksheet science 4th grade practice.

Learn about different forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration and more. pdf.

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Heat Flow

4th grade worksheet on predicting heat flow

Diagrams and illustrations for 4th graders to learn predicting heat flow across materials.

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