3rd grade science games for kids , MCQ quizzes

3rd grade science games for kids , MCQ quizzes. This page features some science activities that are covered by the 3rd grade curriculum. Learn through playing these games is fun and a lot is learnt seamlessly. This games can be played both at home and in the classroom. They are interactive, online and free. Play and practice the following skills: ecosystems, man, environment, plants, animals, adaptations, weather, laboratory work, data interpretation and more. Featuring games are rally, moonshot, pirate and more. Review third grade science skills with fun. Please share !

Animal diets

pirate science game on animal diets

Pirate science game on animals diets, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores etc

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Animal Body Parts

Science game online on labelling animal body parts

Learn to label different human body parts. Hand, eye, ear , mouth, nose, leg, arm etc.

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Human Body

label human body parts 1st grade game online, mcq

Catapult game on labelling body parts, teeth, skin, tongue, eye, ear etc..

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Frog Life Cycle

pirate science game for 1st grade on frog life cycle

Pirate game on a frog's life cycle. Learn about stages egg to adult frog.

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Living, Nonliving things

identify living and non living thinsg in thsi interactive online game

Learn to disnguish living and nonliving things based on their characteristics.

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Label Insects

label parts of insects game online, moonshot game

A moonshot game on labelling parts of an insect; head, thorax, abdomen.

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science game on photosynthesis 1st grade

Science game on photosynthesis. Learn how green plants make their food.

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Parts of a Leaf

label parts of a leaf worksheet pdf

Identify the parts of a leaf using this worksheet, vein, midrip, balde, stalk etc.

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4th grade science game on adaptations

A rally science game on the adaptation of plants and animals to extremes

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classification of organisms game

Classification of organisms either as plants, animals, insects, fish, mammals etc

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science game for 4th grade on forces

A science rally game on force - kinds of forces, speed, acceleration, motion etc.

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Cell functions

science pirate game on functions of parts of a cell, 4th grade

Pirate game on the functions of parts of a cell. Cell wall, nucleus, membrane etc.

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4th grade science pirate game on mixtures in chemistry

Pirate game about mixtures e.g. sand and iron fillings, salt and water etc.

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Physical, chemical change

physical and chemical changes game online

Identify physical from chemical changes by playing this interective game.

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Scientific names

4th grade game on learning scientific names of organisms

Moonshot science game on scientific names of organisms. Zebra, shark etc

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Facts about animals

label parts of a leaf worksheet pdf

Learn some facts about animals, habitats, diet, reproductions etc.

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