Classification of Animals Kingdom Chart Game

Classification of animals kingdom chart game online. This game features an animal classification exercise. Students are required to classify animals either as mammals, reptiles or birds. Classification also includes classifying as vertebrates or invertebrates. This game is free and can be used by students at home or in the classroom. Review more on the topic with this classification worksheet.


A Lesson For Kids On Classification in The Animal Kingdom

classification of animals kingdom chart

The classification of animals is very important for the categorization of species. Besides mammals that fall under the animal kingdom, there are millions of other organisms, such as houseflies, ants, and worms, that can be classified in the same group. The classification process is the process by which these living things are divided into phyla and sub-classes. Regardless of what kind of animal it is, there is a class for it.

In this system, animals are divided into groups based on their structure. Vertebrates are animals with a backbone, while invertebrates do not have a backbone. Vertebrates are divided into five major classes, including fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Invertebrates include jellyfish, worms, and insects. 

The animal kingdom is divided into nine taxonomic groups. The taxonomic groups are: Kingdom, Phylum, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. Depending on the group, animals can be further divided into several subfamilies. The third level is the phylum. The fourth level is the subfamily. Once a family is defined, it is usually assigned to another subfamily.

To begin this lesson, you should print a copy of the lesson plan on a color printer. It is best if students have access to the Internet. Set out paper, crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Ask students to choose two animals from the classification chart and assign them to the correct categories. Each student must justify their choice in a single sentence. Students can then compare their results. Once the classification process is complete, students can move on to the next step of the lesson: creating a new species. Continue doing this until your students understand how to classify different organisms into the correct families.

Difference between animals and plants


The main difference between animals and plants is the way they reproduce. Animals can move around and reproduce. Plants, on the other hand, do not have this ability. Most plants grow in a confined area for the rest of their lives. In addition, plant cells contain chloroplasts and chlorophylls that enable them to convert sunlight into nutrients. This is an important difference that distinguishes plant cells from animal cells. Animals on the other hand need to go out to either hunt or grow their own food.

In addition, both plant and animal cells have cell walls. However, the nucleus of an animal cell is located in the center of the cell, while in a plant it is located on the side. A plant cell contains a large vacuole filled with fluid. Both plant and animal cells store energy in starch or glycogen. There are other similar parts in both cells, although their positions and functions may be different.

Plants are the main suppliers of the energy that animals need for food. Without plants, nature as we know it might not exist. This is why they are called primary producers; they have the ability to capture light through photosynthesis to produce food. Animals feed on these plants and other animals that also depend on plants. 

Although both organisms are different, they depend on each other to ensure the existence of our species..