Plant and animal cell activities for 5th grade


atoms and elements 5th grade activity gameplant and animal cell activities for 5th grade. 1.Students were provided with two slides to observe under a microscope. Cells under slide 'A'
contained a cell wall while cells under slide 'B' did not. Hence slide 'A' are ________ cells.
b. plant
2.Multicellular organisms contain cells that each perform their own______.

b. fluid
c. water supplies
d. functions
3.If you observed cells from the muscles of a shark and a snake under a microscope you will
notice that _________.
a.cells from the shark are larger in size
b. cells from the snake contain venom
c. both cell types are similar in size
d. cells from the mouse are smaller in size
4.What covers the outside part of your body ?
b. muscles
c. film of water
d. nerves
5.Which tissue causes movement based on expansion and contraction ?
b. nerve
c. muscle
d. epithelial
6.An / A _____________ is a group of tissues that perform a specific function.
b. organ
c. vein
d. muscle
What is the main function of the small intestine ?

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