Grade 6 science worksheets, PDF downloads

Grade 6 science worksheets, PDF downloads | 6th grade science worksheets PDF downloads. Features activities on: chemical reactions, diseases, their causes, spread, the Earth and solar system, the Earth's core and rocks, electrical circuits, energy and energy transfer, heat, heredity and genes, light, reflection, refraction etc, nutrition, orbits and phase, ecosystem, producers and consumers and more. Each worksheet is a free downlaodable pdf file with and answer key attached on the second page. These resouraces will serve teachers and parents both at home and in school. A sheet can be printed and used as a homework supplement or a classroom test. Please share this page to your groups.


Learn about light, reflection, refraction, opaque and translucent objects,light waves and more. 6th grade science pdf

Learn about light, light waves, reflection and refraction of light, colors, opacity and more

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Online Worksheets

 science diagrams online

Interactive online science worksheets - No need to print. Practice on the go.

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Orbits & Phases

Learn about orbits and phases, learn about rotation and revolution, learn about length of time needed for a rotation or revolution, distinguish planetary movements etc.

Learn about orbits and phases, learn about how long it takes for the Earth to rotate, see a full moon etc.

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Food Chain

Identify producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem. From pictures identify organisms based on their level in the food chain. what role will fungi and bacteria play as opposed to man, birds, carnivores etc. Learn more about food chains in this worksheet.

Identify producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem based on pictures of each shown.

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Electrical circuits

Electrical circuits, learn about the different terminals of a battery, the role of a switch and how a circuit functions. This is a 6th grade activity sheet for students.

Electrical circuit diagrams worksheet. 6th graders learn about the role of a battery, switch, bulb etc

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Genes &Heredity

Learn about genes, heredity, DNA, learn about traits, identify the area in a cell where genes are located. 6th grade science worksheet for review.

Learn about genes, learn how some traits are transmitted from generation to generation.

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Energy & Energy Transfer

Learn about energy transfer through waves, learn about longitudinal and transvere waves, learn about wave structure with sections like the crest and the trough, learn about electromagnetic waves and more. 6th grade science worksheet.

Learn about how energy moves through materials, learn about waves and their characteristics.

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Learn about heat and sources of heat, thermal energy and more. Learn about good and bad conductors of heat, learn about radiation, convection, reflection, refraction and more

Heat and movement of heat through materials, (e.g. convection in fluids), reflection, refraction etc.

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Chemical reactions

physical and chemical reactions worksheet, What happens when a substance is burnt ?, identify physical and chemical change etc. This is a 6th grade printable test on chemical reactions

Physical and chemical reactions, what happens when substances combine, get burned etc..

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Learn about diseases and their spread in this worksheet. Which diseases are contagious and which ones are not ? Learn about causes of some diseases and prevention methods.

Diseases and their spread mechanisms, learn about prevention methods & hygeine.

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Earth & Solar System

learn about the earth and the solar system in this worksheet. Learn about the position of the 8 planets, learn the name of planets, learn the atmospheric condition of planets and their differences.

The Earth and the solar system, learn about the 8 planets and their positions relative to one another.

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Earth's Core & Rocks

The Earth's core and rocks. Learn about the layers of the Earth, learn about the inner and outer core  and their mineral compositions. This pdf worksheet is for 6th graders to review geography lessons.

The Earth is made up of many layers from inner core right to the surface. Learn about their characteristics.

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Atoms & elements

atoms and elements diagram worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet with questions on atoms and elements, characteristics etc.

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Atom, element properties

worksheet for 5tth grade on atoms and elements properties pdf

What are some properties of atoms and elements ? MCQ pdf sheet.

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Cells & functions

worksheet on cells and their functions 5th grade

Learn some functions of parts of cells and more information about cells.

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Characteristics of cells

cells and their characteristics worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet on some facts bout cells and their characteristics. PDF printable

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Classification of animals

classification of animals worksheet

Identification of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and more. Pdf activity

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Characteristics of mammals 5th grade worksheet pdf

Learn some characteristics about mammals. Distinguish mammals with their features.

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Vertebrates, Invertebrates

vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet

Distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet. Print pdf.

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ecosystems 5th grade worksheet

Learn some concepts about ecosystems, relationship between animals & more

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learn about ecosystems worksheet pdf

Definition of some key concepts related to ecosystems, pdf worksheet for 5th grade

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Electricty & Mg.tism.

electricty and magnetism 5th grade worksheet pdf

What is electricity, a switch, circuit, magnetic field etc. Print and learn

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Fossils & Extinction

worksheet about fossils & extinction 5th grade

This worksheet about fossils, fossilization, extinction of animals & causes.

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dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet 5th grade

Some quick facts about fossils, dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet.

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Force & Gravity

Worksheet on force and gravity for 5th grade

Worksheet on force and gravity, distinguish between types of forces.

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Speed & acceleration

speed & accelration worksheet pdf

Speed and acceleration activity sheet for children. Printable pdf.

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Earth Movements

earth movement 5th grade worksheet pdf

Science activity on earth movements. Printable pdf worksheet.

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Plate techtonics

5th grade worksheet on plate techtomics, pdf

Learn about the Earth and plate techtonics. Learn about continent building.

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Heat Waves

5th grade worksheet on heat waves.

Learn about heat waves. This is an activity sheet with an answer key.

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force and motion worksheet for 4th grade printable

Activity sheet on learning about mixtures and nonmixtures. Identify mixtures.

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Properties of materials

properties of materials worksheet.

Larn about the properties of materials and everyday objects. Print and practice.

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Laboratory work

data interpretation worksheet for 5th grade

Read and interprete the data on the piecharts. Also plot a graphh, pdf sheet.

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Lab Principles

Some basic laboratory principles worksheet for children. pdf

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Scientific methods

science worksheet on mixtures 4th grade

Learn some scientific methods and ways of recording data worksheet pdf

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Scientific reading

laboratory readings and techniques worksheets pdf 5th grade

Learn how to read and interprete laboratory test results.

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Earth Processes

earth surface processes worksheet pdf 5th grade

Learn about some earth processes like erosion, wildfire, floods, wind etc.

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Weather Trackers

weather trackers worksheet for 5th grade, pdf

Learn how to interprete some weather and climate data from weather trackers.

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Label Flower

4th grade worksheet on labelling parts of a flower pdf.

Learn about mixtures, methods of separating mixtures, distunguishing between both.

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Sc. Names

scientific and common names of organisms worksheet pdf.

Learn the scientific and common names of animals: dog, elephant, fox, tiger etc.

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climate data and predictiosn worksheet for 4th grade

Climate data reading and predictions worksheet, read graphs, temperature, rainfall etc.

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Reading thermometers

Learn how to read a thermometer worksheet for 4th grade.

Teach students how to read thermometer readings in degrees, mercury level etc.

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Weekly Temperature

reading weekly temperatures activity sheet 4th grade

Teach students how to read weekly temperature data on this worksheet and learn predictions.

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Force & Motion

forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration worksheet science 4th grade practice.

Learn about different forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration and more. pdf.

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Heat Flow

4th grade worksheet on predicting heat flow

Diagrams and illustrations for 4th graders to learn predicting heat flow across materials.

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