Grade 5 science worksheets, PDF Printable

Grade 5 science worksheets | 5th grade science worksheets, PDF Printable. Topics covered include:electricity and magnetism, force and acceleration, laboratory work, atoms and elements, cells and their characteristics, ecosystems, fossils, heat waves, properties of materials. each worksheet is a PDF printable activity with and answer key attached. They are all free. Print and test you skills.

Atoms & elements

atoms and elements diagram worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet with questions on atoms and elements, characteristics etc.

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Online Test Sheets


Don't have a printer ? No worries. Practice with interactive online worksheets. Much better

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Cells & functions

worksheet on cells and their functions 5th grade

Learn some functions of parts of cells and more information about cells.

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Characteristics of cells

cells and their characteristics worksheet 5th grade

Worksheet on some facts bout cells and their characteristics. PDF printable

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Classification of animals

classification of animals worksheet

Identification of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and more. Pdf activity

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Characteristics of mammals 5th grade worksheet pdf

Learn some characteristics about mammals. Distinguish mammals with their features.

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Vertebrates, Invertebrates

vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet

Distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates on this activity worksheet. Print pdf.

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ecosystems 5th grade worksheet

Learn some concepts about ecosystems, relationship between animals & more

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learn about ecosystems worksheet pdf

Definition of some key concepts related to ecosystems, pdf worksheet for 5th grade

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Electricty & Mg.tism.

electricty and magnetism 5th grade worksheet pdf

What is electricity, a switch, circuit, magnetic field etc. Print and learn

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Fossils & Extinction

worksheet about fossils & extinction 5th grade

This worksheet about fossils, fossilization, extinction of animals & causes.

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dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet 5th grade

Some quick facts about fossils, dinosaurs and prehistoric biodiversity worksheet.

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Force & Gravity

Worksheet on force and gravity for 5th grade

Worksheet on force and gravity, distinguish between types of forces.

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Speed & acceleration

speed & accelration worksheet pdf

Speed and acceleration activity sheet for children. Printable pdf.

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Earth Movements

earth movement 5th grade worksheet pdf

Science activity on earth movements. Printable pdf worksheet.

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Plate techtonics

5th grade worksheet on plate techtomics, pdf

Learn about the Earth and plate techtonics. Learn about continent building.

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Heat Waves

5th grade worksheet on heat waves.

Learn about heat waves. This is an activity sheet with an answer key.

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force and motion worksheet for 4th grade printable

Activity sheet on learning about mixtures and nonmixtures. Identify mixtures.

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Properties of materials

properties of materials worksheet.

Larn about the properties of materials and everyday objects. Print and practice.

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Laboratory work

data interpretation worksheet for 5th grade

Read and interprete the data on the piecharts. Also plot a graphh, pdf sheet.

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Lab Principles

Some basic laboratory principles worksheet for children. pdf

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Scientific methods

science worksheet on mixtures 4th grade

Learn some scientific methods and ways of recording data worksheet pdf

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Scientific reading

laboratory readings and techniques worksheets pdf 5th grade

Learn how to read and interprete laboratory test results.

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Earth Processes

earth surface processes worksheet pdf 5th grade

Learn about some earth processes like erosion, wildfire, floods, wind etc.

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Weather Trackers

weather trackers worksheet for 5th grade, pdf

Learn how to interprete some weather and climate data from weather trackers.

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Label Flower

4th grade worksheet on labelling parts of a flower pdf.

Learn about mixtures, methods of separating mixtures, distunguishing between both.

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Sc. Names

scientific and common names of organisms worksheet pdf.

Learn the scientific and common names of animals: dog, elephant, fox, tiger etc.

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climate data and predictiosn worksheet for 4th grade

Climate data reading and predictions worksheet, read graphs, temperature, rainfall etc.

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Reading thermometers

Learn how to read a thermometer worksheet for 4th grade.

Teach students how to read thermometer readings in degrees, mercury level etc.

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Weekly Temperature

reading weekly temperatures activity sheet 4th grade

Teach students how to read weekly temperature data on this worksheet and learn predictions.

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Force & Motion

forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration worksheet science 4th grade practice.

Learn about different forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration and more. pdf.

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Heat Flow

4th grade worksheet on predicting heat flow

Diagrams and illustrations for 4th graders to learn predicting heat flow across materials.

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Dog limb

Label the hind limb of a dog worksheet pdf

Hind limb bones of a dog diagram to label, pdf test sheet.

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Human eye diagram

The human eye diagram pdf sheet

Eye anatomy with eye diagram to label in a pdf sheet.

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Human skull

The human skull. Learn how to label the different parts.

Human skull digram to label in a biology pdf worksheet

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Stage beetle life cycle

The life cycle of a stag beetle diagram worksheet pdf

Beetle life cycle stage, egg, larva, pupa, adult, diagram.

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Nose & Nasal Cavity

Diagram of the nose and nasalcavities diagram worksheet

The nose and the nasal cavity worksheet labeling activity.

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Parts of stomach

parts of the stomach to label printable worksheet with diagram

Learn different parts of the stomach in a printable worksheet download pdf.

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Digestive system

Diagram of the human digestive system, pdf printable

Digestive system for kids, human digestive system diagram.

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Human ear diagram

Label parts of the human ear in a diagram. Pdf printable

Ear diagram quiz and ear diagram labelled activity sheet.

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The tooth

The anatomy of the tooth diagram to label. PDF sheet

A tooth diagram to label in a quiz on a worksheet.

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The Earth

Earth science worksheet pdf for 2nd grade

Learn different Earth processes on this worksheet pdf. Flooding, erosion etc

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Gas, Solid, Liquid


Identify human body parts and their functions, teeth, skin, tongue, eye, ear etc..

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Learn to label the parts of a bird. wings, legs, eye, beak, tail, crown etc..

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The science 5th grade worksheets collection found on this page spares no detail in terms of quality and skills taught. This is the one stop every science teacher in search of extra materials for their students should be looking at. We have a collection of free science worksheets each having an answer key attached to the second page. Yes ! This sounds like a hook for those with little science backgrounds who have to review certain topics with their kids. This page has it all, we have a variety of 5th grade science worksheets covering varied topics. There is a worksheet on atoms and elements for example. This sheet features MCQ’s related to atoms and elements. It also contains a diagram of an atom and parts to label like the proton, neutron, nucleus, electron shell and electrons. Students are shown a diagram that contains arrows pointing to the various places. What you need to do is to refer to the word bank and write out the correct label in the spaces provided. Below are a few questions related to atoms in the form of an MCQ. Furthermore, there are worksheets on cells and their functions. Cells are basic units of life and every organism is made up of cells. Some organisms are unicellular though. This ushers the idea of unicellular organisms; this means they have only one cell but function like a full orgasm would. This tells us that a cell is a complex structure of its own with organelles that perform specific functions. The nucleus is central to the functioning of a cell. It is like the brain of a cell. Plant cells and animal cells have differences though; a plant cell has an extra layer on the outside called the cell wall. It is made up of cellulose and protects the cell. There is also a worksheet on the classification of mammals into different groups as follows: bird, reptile, amphibian, or fish. Each of these animals fall under the broad group of mammals but differ in many other characteristics. A bird for example has a wing and feathers and can fly. Frogs on the contrary cannot fly but have features that enable them to swim. They are called amphibians because they live both on land and in water. The worksheet on labelling a frog enables you to see some features that make frogs unique in their ability to live in aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Also learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are organisms that have a backbone while invertebrates do not have a backbone. Examples of vertebrates include lion, pigeon, frog, chicken etc. Examples of invertebrates include worms, snails, etc. Also check out characteristics of mammals through the worksheet that covers their characteristics through multiple choice questions. Mammals are animals that exhibit similar characteristics as humans. For example, they have hair on parts or all of the body, have mammary glands, and more. An example of a mammal is a cat, monkey etc. The list of topics is non-exhaustive and we cannot cover it all; click on the links and discover what each sheet has in store for you.