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Silverfish life cycle game online. Biology lesson for students from 2nd to 7th grades to learn the stages in the life cycle of a silverfish.


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The life cycle of silverfish is quite complex and consists of three distinct stages. Baby silverfish (nymphs) are only one-tenth of an inch long and do not undergo metamorphosis. They are the same size, length, and shape as adult silverfish, but their color is different. After hatching, the eggs begin their first molt and change color from white to yellow. The life cycle of adult silverfish is similar to that of nymphs.
Silverfish develop from nymphs to adults within three to four months, and in cooler climates, up to two years. They prefer dark, moist, and warm areas. As adults, they are not active at night. These insects spend the day foraging and resting, but come out in the evening to feed. They can live indoors or outdoors, but they prefer to live near food sources.
As adults, silverfish regenerate their antennae and terminal filaments every two to four weeks. Unlike other pests, they are barely visible during the day, so they should be left alone when feeding. The best prevention against silverfish is to avoid damp rooms. If you can not control the humidity, you can invest in a dehumidifier to keep your home dry and mold-free. Finally, silverfish do not like direct light and prefer dark, enclosed spaces. If you have a problem with these insects, you can store items high off the ground. You should also store paper products and books in higher places so they can not get to them.
About Silverfish: Silverfish are a common insect found in most homes. This small, light gray, primitive insect moves in a fish-like manner. They are a common pest in homes and can cause significant damage if not removed quickly. Here is how to remove them safely and effectively. To prevent further infestation, you should act immediately. Here are some steps you should follow. 
The first step to eliminating silverfish is to take preventative measures. By taking practical steps to keep your home dry and warm, you can keep silverfish from entering your home in the first place. Consider lowering the temperature in your home and installing a dehumidifier if your basement is too damp. You can also check unused clothing and moving boxes for silverfish. If you find any, throw them away. However, if you can not get rid of them, a professional pest control company can help.
The first step in preventing silverfish is to identify the sources of the infestation. Many people do not realize that silverfish prefer starchy materials like wood, newspapers and magazines. They will eat anything made of silk or linen. If you find that your home is infested, you should contact a pest control company immediately. You may be surprised to learn that silverfish are more prevalent than cockroaches in some states. So be prepared to use a combination of treatments to ensure 100% elimination of these insects.
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