Science PowerPoints for teachers 1st to 6th Grades

Science powerpoints for teachers 1st to 6th Grades. Free PPT's for use in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades, free science powerpoint templates for teachers, biology powerpoint downloads, chemistry ppt's, geography powerpoints for kids. This page is a collection of free resources which teachers can use in the classroom. Each Powerpoint slide covers a science topic and is well illustrated with the right animations and graphics. Activities can also be modified as per your objectives. Click on the links below to download. Please share.

Continents PPT

PowerPoint On Continenets for teachers

PowerPoint Lesson on continents of the world. Identify different continents


Ecosystems PPT

Ecosystems PPT for teachers

Free PPT on ecosystems for teachers of science to students in 1st to 6th grades

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Frog life cycle PPT

PowerPoint lesson on frog's life cycle.

Frog's life cycle powerpoint lesson for students. Learn different stages.

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Fruit / Veggies PPT

PowerPoint To teach differences between fruits and vegetables

PowerPoint dowload for kids to learn differentiating fruits and vegetables


Living & Nonliving

Living and nonliving things powerpoint download for teachers

PowerPoint lesson differentiating living from nonliving things


Oceans PPT

Identifying oceans powerpoint lesson for kids

A lesson on teaching students to identify the different oceans.

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Photosynthesis PPT

PowerPoint lesson on photosynthesis

A resourcefull Powerpoint on teaching students about photosynthesis.

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Plant Cell PPT

Plant cell diagram with functions of different parts powerpoint lesson

PowerPoint dowload on teaching labelling plant cell and functions.


Digestive System PPT

Digestive system diagram PowerPoint lesson

PowerPoint science lesson on the digestive system and functions


Water Cycle PPT

PowerPoint download lesson on the water cycle and its different processes.

The water cycle diagram, powerpoint lesson on how it functions.

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Solar System PPT

The solar system PowerPoint Lesson

The solar system PowerPoint presentation with illustrations.

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Vertbrates & Invert.

Vertebrates and invertebrates PowerPoint Lesson for students and teachers

Vertebrates and invertebrates PowerPoint lesson for students.