Place value of a number 1st grade worksheet pdf

This page features a place value of a number 1st grade worksheet pdf. Here students have access to a collection of free place value worksheets in pdf printable format. These sheets feature base 10 blocks done through illustrations. There are different scenarios presented to students. In some there have to find the expanded forms of numbers. In others they have to find the value of a number in hundreds, tens or ones. Check out each sheet below and gain more skills practicing.

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Place Value worksheet free 1st grade

Place value worksheet pdf

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Place Value

illustrated Place Value blocks worksheet free

illustrated Place Value blocks worksheet

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Place Value blocks

Place value base ten blocks worksheet

Place value base ten blocks worksheet

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Skip counting

Place Value blocks worksheet free

Skip count kindergarten worksheet

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Ways to Teach Place Value in 1st Grade

Whether you teach a child in first grade or you homeschool, you have probably thought about adding place value games to your curriculum. There are a wide variety of resources available, such as tens blocks, anchor charts, and math centers. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Also, do not forget to create your own anchor chart to show different ways to represent place value.

Place value games

Place value games are a great way to help your child learn the number system. There are many different types of place value games for children of all ages. Some of these games include the classic games "rally," "throw the teacher," and many more. Other games for first grade students include the click card game, pirate at sea, and the moon shot game. Place value games are great for reinforcing these concepts with fun activities.

Base ten blocks

Using tens blocks for place value in 1st grade is an ideal way to reinforce the concept of comparing two-digit numbers. This type of visual representation allows students to physically touch and feel the different representations of the numbers. Students can even see how larger and smaller numbers can be combined to make one large number. This is a great way to reinforce knowledge of place value, which will help them later when they need to regroup and add to a larger number.

Place value charts

Use place value tables in your classroom to teach place value. Children can use these tables to write the numbers they have learned in different ways. Children can practice writing numbers by using dry-erase markers and erasing the numbers when they are finished. These charts are also helpful in teaching students the difference between place value and period value.

Counting by 10s

Counting by tens is a basic skill that can be developed in a variety of ways. Children can practice counting by tens using tens charts. These charts are great for remembering multiples of tens up to 100, and they can also help children practice counting by tens by skipping a number. Counting by tens can lead to addition in the higher grades and is an important foundational skill to build on. It also reinforces an understanding of place value.

Arrow cards

If you want to teach your child the importance of numbers in a fun way, use arrow cards. These are durable plastic cards stacked to make the numbers one through ten. You can buy black and white or colored arrow cards. Students can use them to sort the cards by number order (0-10) or by tens. Teachers can also use the arrow cards to monitor student learning. Arrow cards are a great way to reinforce math concepts and develop students' spatial awareness. They are inexpensive and the Dollar Store is always there for you.