Mealworm Life Cycle Diagram Game Online

The mealworm life cycle diagram game online for students to practice. Check out how a the mealworm goes from egg to adult through metamorphosis. Biology lesson for students from 2nd to 7th grades.


mealworm life cycle diagramThe life cycle of a mealworm begins with its eggs. The larvae (which is the next stage) are white and segmented. After a few days, they begin to molt, and are covered with a yellow-brown exoskeleton. The next stage is the pupa stage. During this stage, the mealworm doesn't move around much, and it doesn't feed. It remains dormant for one to three weeks, during which it develops its body and organs.
The larvae of a mealworm will shed its exoskeleton a few times during the first stage of its life. This process occurs about ten to twenty times. During this stage of development, the worm's exoskeleton will be soft and fragile. The worm will spend most of its time feeding, growing, and conserving energy to undergo another transformation.
Once an adult mealworm emerges from its pupa stage, it will begin its development. The mealworm beetle has four distinct stages of development. The first is the laying of eggs. The male will chase the female mealworm until she gives in. He will release sperm into the female's genital tract. The female will then burrow into soft ground and lay up to 500 eggs. The eggs are tiny and oval, and they can appear yellow due to impurities.
The mating phase is the first stage of life. This stage of the mealworm beetle precedes the laying of eggs. The eggs are laid in burrows dug up by the female. The eggs are tiny and oval, and they are covered by a layer of orange coating, whose intensity in color indicates that they are ready to hatch.
During the pupa stage, the mealworm has a hard outer shell. It needs to shed its exoskeleton to grow. This happens ten to twenty times during its life, depending on the species. The newly molted wriggling young adults will develop a soft exoskeleton over time. The new molts spend most of their time eating and growing.
When a mealworm lays its eggs, it will become a mealworm larva, which is a white alien-like grub that has four legs and a body shaped like a bell. The next stage is the pupa and the last stage is the adult. This is an example of complete metamorphosis. Have fun learning the different stages by clicking on and playing the interactive game above.

In the UK system of education, this is equivalent to science for year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, year 6, year 7 and year 8.