Life Cycle A Maize Plant Game Online

Life cycle of a maize plant game online. Biology lesson for students from 2nd to 7th grades to learn the stages in the life cycle of a maize plant.


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The life cycle of maize is divided into several stages. The male reproductive organ, the anther, consists of four lobed cells. By the 1.5-mm stage, the anther has four concentric rings of somatic cells surrounding the presumptive meiotic cells. The antecedents of the anther are called the filaments. The ontogeny of the anther shows how the plant grows from seed to mature ear.
The life cycle of maize is characterized by two main stages. The first is the vegetative phase and is followed by the reproductive phase, the second is the vegetative phase (VT). This refers to the amount of leaves produced by the maize plant. The last stage is the reproductive phase, which has different stages and can be defined as the post-embryonic period. At this stage, the crop is able to produce pollen.
During the vegetative stage, a seed grows into a small sprout, which produces food through photosynthesis. Once this sprout matures, it can turn into a full-fledged plant that needs food and sunlight. The next stage is the flowering stage, which is when the plant starts to produce its seeds. However, this stage is important in maize development as it will determine whether the seed will mature successfully or not.
Maize is an important plant in several parts of the world because of the important role it plays in our diets. The corn seeds that they produce are important cereal that is used to cook several meals. Although corn can simply be boiled and eaten without transformation, some companies actually focus on transforming corn into flour that is used for making cornflakes, cakes, and more. Animals are also fed with corn-based products, hence this plant is the backbone of most agricultural economies. Always remember that corn forms an important part in the life cycle of a maize plant.
Start learning about the stages in the development of a maize plant from corn to adult. Above is an interactive game to use to practice these stages. have fun learning and remember to share the game.