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  life cycle of a butterfly diagram worksheet

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Butterfly life cycle online diagramThe life cycle of a butterfly begins with eggs that hatch into caterpillars. Caterpillars are living creatures that feed on vegetation. They have several legs that help that through muscular movements to move really fast. For protection, some caterpillars are covered in fur that will make your skin itch if a strand of that hair touched you. After some weeks of feeding on grass and gaining a large body mass, caterpillars morph into a dormant inactive stage called the pupa. The pupa is covered by a hard exoskeleton that protects it from the adversities of the outside environment. After weeks of dormancy, a shiny and fancy colored butterfly emerges from its shell. Butterflies unlike caterpillars actually feed on nectar which they suck using their stylets from flowers. The nectar is the sweet juice that insects suck off of plants. That constitutes the mains meal of the adult butterfly. This butterfly life cycle worksheet provides children with an excellent opportunity to practice the different stages through a labelling exercise. Learn the name and structure of each stage and write the correct name to that stage. Besides the life cycle of a butterfly printables we provide here, there are also interactive online quizzes on dragging and dropping the different names of the stages in the cycle on an interactive diagram. The choice is yours. Teachers can print out this worksheet and use it as a test sheet in the classroom. Parents can use it to review life cycles with their children at home. The sheet is free and is in pdf printable format.