Label parts of a bird worksheet

Birds are amazing creatures. As kids we have all wondered at some stage how birds fly and why they are so at ease when they do so. We have probably tried at some stage making wings and attempting to fly just to realize humans were not built for that. This label parts of a bird worksheet is a free pdf printable download which contains the picture of a bird with label arrows pointing to the parts that need to be labelled. There is a word bank found below the page from where children can find the names of each part mixed up in a table. Select the correct label and complete the diagram. Featuring on this test sheet are parts like the wings which help birds to fly like planes do. The eyes which help for 360 vision when a bird is in flight, the beak which helps birds to poke at grains and eat. The beak also helps some birds to suck nectar out of plant flowers. We also have feathers which are like clothes for a bird; these help to keep birds warm and also help in keeping birds afloat in the air. There are also the nostrils which help birds to breathe like humans do. More on birds and their parts can be found on the label parts of a bird worksheet. For more practice on this topic, head over to the games section and take a test to improve your knowledge about birds.

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Label the parts of a bird diagram.

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