Types of landforms - desert landform, coastal landform, glacier landform game for kids

Types of landforms - desert landform, coastal landform, glacier landform - Learn different landforms from pictures while playing a game.


Landforms - desert, coastal and glacier landforms.You can find a rich variety of wondrous geographical features on Earth. Each landform on our planet has its unique beauty, waiting to be explored and appreciated, and the diversity of environments you can find can be quite surprising. Picture out the dry, desolate majesty of a desert and contrast it with, say, the cool and relaxing atmosphere of a coast or the frigid iciness of a glacier. Deserts, coasts, and glaciers are different from each other in many ways. Let’s discuss a few of their distinguishing features in turn. Deserts constitute places which receive little to no rainfall over long periods of time. As a result, few plants or animals thrive in this environment, and those that do possess certain adaptations to help them retain moisture. We usually view deserts as hot places, but any location can be classified as a desert so long as it is sufficiently dry. In fact, the title of the largest desert actually belongs to the Antarctic Desert in the South Pole. A coast marks the transition from land to the ocean. We tend to associate this with beaches or cliffs. This also includes the area of shallow water just beyond an actual beach. The surface along a coastline is often impacted with the force of the waves or running water. Over years, this erodes rock and creates sediments such as sand. Glaciers, on the other hand, are pretty different from most landforms, as they’re essentially massive, moving heaps of ice. As they move slowly over land, they can sculpt and carve out the surface into a variety of remarkable forms through erosion. Several well-known natural landmarks met the sheer force of a moving glacier in the past, such as the landscape of Yosemite National Park, the tumultuous peaks of Scotland, and the fjords of Norway. In this page, we’re providing a detailed reference to three particularly interesting types of landforms – desert landform, coastal landform, glacier landform, as well as a description of their respective features.