Sheep heart labeled game quiz online



Heart of a ship interactive online diagram with drag and drop labels.A sheep heart is nearly identical to a human heart in size and structure. It possesses the same four chambers you’re likely already familiar with, which continuously fill and pump out blood to ensure that oxygen is always circulating in a sheep’s bloodstream.
As you dissect a sheep heart, however, you can locate a few differences in their structure. Recall that deoxygenated blood enters the heart through two great vessels, namely the superior (top) and inferior (bottom) vena cava. For sheep, instead of an inferior great vessel, they have a posterior vena cava connected to the back of the heart.
Sheep share the mammalian heart plan, with two atria and two ventricles. The chambers on the right side work to oxygenate blood, while those on the left side pump the blood back into the bloodstream. As many people enjoy sheep for meals, sheep hearts can be great models to learn about your own heart’s anatomy, being fairly accurate and readily-available.

In this sheep heart labeled diagram, the parts of a sheep’s heart are illustrated and labelled clearly so you can gain a better understanding of the mammalian heart, its associated chambers and vessels, and how they function properly to provide an organism with oxygen-rich blood.