Plant diagram labeled Game Quiz



Plant diagram labeled quizPlant diagram labeled Game Quiz - The Earth would be a drastically different place without plants. They provide a source of food and shelter for billions of organisms, medicine and materials for construction. Plants also cultivate the soil and release oxygen to allow for aerobic life.
Plants are a very diverse group of organisms, but they share many key structures. As a whole, a plant’s body can be separated into the part above ground (the shoot system) and the part below ground (root system).
A plant is anchored to the soil through the roots that grow beneath the surface. These roots suck in water and nutrients from the ground, regulate plant growth, and store excess food.
The stem, leaves, flowers and fruits typically make up the shoot section. Plants are held upright by a long, fleshy stalk called the stem. In some plants, like trees, these stems grow a tough protective layer called bark. Inside the stem is a passageway for nutrients to travel throughout the plant body.
Leaves are specialized organs which gather sunlight to perform photosynthesis. This process produces food for the plant in the form of glucose.
Flowers are responsible for plant reproduction. When the female part is fertilized, it will shrivel and form a fruit carrying the plant’s seeds.

You can refer to this plant diagram labeled with the different parts of a plant to develop your basic understanding of botany.