Mitosis Diagram Labeled Game Quiz



Mitosis diagram labeled quizMitosis Diagram Labeled Game Quiz - Somatic cells multiply through mitosis, a process where the cell grows and replicates into two daughter cells. Since cells are always being worn out and damaged by the environment, they eventually die off.
Bark from trees can chip away, and skin may tear, but these wounds eventually heal as new cells are made. Mitosis ensures that an organism can easily replace its dead cells to continue living.
The mitotic process is divided into several phases in the cell cycle, starting from the creation of a new cell to its division into two daughter cells. In order, these phases are called prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.
Most of the time, a cell grows and prepares for mitosis by making an exact copy of the cell’s DNA. Such a phase is called interphase.
Prophase is the beginning of mitosis, when centromeres migrate to opposing poles, the nucleolus disappears and chromatin strands condense into chromosomes.
In metaphase, microtubules from the centromeres pull the chromosomes to form a line at the equatorial or metaphase plate.
Anaphase occurs as the chromosomes are split equally into two sister chromatids. Each centromere receives one sister chromatid from each chromosome to have a full set of DNA.
In telophase, the sister chromatids unspool at each pole and become enwrapped in a new nuclear envelope. The cell continues stretching. Cytokinesis occurs a cleavage furrow pinches the cell at the middle, dividing it into two daughter cells.
You can use this mitosis diagram labeled with vital information on the cell cycle to visualize the different stages of the mitotic process and the movement or transformation of many organelles during each phase.