Map of continents - drag and drop names game quiz



Map of continents diagram game to label.Much of the Earth’s land is part of one of seven continents – Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica. Continents are the largest divisions of land, each stretching for thousands of kilometres. With such massive sizes, you can find an immense variety of people, cultures, and communities inhabiting each continent. In addition, there’s a diverse collection of different plants and animals inhabiting the landmasses. Islands are usually counted as part of the closest continent – this is why we group Ireland and the United Kingdom with Europe, Japan and the Philippines with Asia, and Madagascar with Africa.
You might notice that many continents are actually connected to each other. Europe and Asia, for instance, are pretty much one big continent – and we call such a landmass Eurasia. North and South America can similarly be seen as connected.
The reason why we tend to say there are seven continents, instead of six or five, is largely due to culture and tradition. Many English-speaking countries use the seven-continent model, while some other Asian and European nations prefer teaching a model with only six continents instead. Enrich your knowledge of the world with our very own interactive map of continents – drag and drop names to their corresponding continent to play!