Hurricane diagram game quiz online



Hurricane diagram gameIf you live near the Equator, you might be awfully familiar with the huge, hulking, violent storms we know as tropical cyclones. Depending on where they form, tropical cyclones can also be named as typhoons or cyclones. When they appear over the Atlantic Ocean or the eastern half of the Pacific Ocean, these storms are called hurricanes. Hurricanes can form as warm, moist air over the ocean rises to the sky, leaving less air near the surface. As the air rises, they cool down and condense into clouds. Air from the surrounding areas flows into the area of low pressure left behind. This air also becomes warm and rises up, repeating the cycle until there are lots of heaping clouds above. The primary parts of a hurricane are the eye, the eyewall, and the spiralling rainbands. The eye is an area of relatively calm weather at the center of the hurricane. In contrast, the eyewall that surrounds it is usually where the rains and winds are the most dangerous. Rainbands are dense clusters of clouds that spiral away from the eye. You can use this detailed hurricane diagram as a handy and convenient reference for learning more about the weather patterns that affect millions of people each year.