Coastal erosion diagram game quiz online



Coastal Erosion Diagram GameCoastal erosion diagram game quiz online - Ever seen a bonsai tree being trimmed? It takes a lot of patience to slowly cut away bits of the plant until it forms a new shape. The world’s oceans are basically doing the same thing to our coasts.Our coastal land is constantly being shaped and altered by the forces of the sea. As waves continuously crash against the rocky material, it can add or remove particles of soil. This process – coastal erosion – can gradually wear away cliffs and beaches. As a result, these landforms can disappear little by little over long stretches of time. Constructive waves add to a coast by bringing in particles of rock or other materials. On the flip side, destructive ways remove material as they crash onto hard land. The sea can erode land in a variety of ways. In hydraulic action, material is simply displaced from land due to the force of a wave. Compression occurs when air gets trapped in tiny cracks, which the tide forces to push and weaken the rock further. Abrasion is when rock particles in the waves crash into the coast; when material in the waves crashes against each other, attrition occurs.
Our coastal erosion diagram can be a relevant reference for understanding more about the processes of the land and sea, and how the land is shaped by the movement of water over millions of years.