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Life cycle of a frog diagram onlineFor most of our childhood, we saw frogs portrayed as cartoon characters in varied child cartoon animations. What we mostly see is the image of a mature frog but with this frog life cycle worksheet we will learn that frogs went through various stages to attain their usual form as we know them. Frogs live in ponds and areas of stagnant freshwater. That is why when you have a pond of stagnant water near your home you want to drain it as fast as possible. Else at night you will hear a lot of noises from frogs that are in their spawning phase. The males attract females with such noises and mate with them. During this process, fertilized eggs and produced. These eggs are laid in a pond in clusters which cling to each other. After a while, these eggs mature and hatch tadpoles. Tadpoles are actually young frogs but some people think they are a species of fish. They have a tail and are good swimmers. After many weeks, they transform into young frogs that look like adult frogs with the exception that they have a short tail. As the frog gets older, the short tail gradually reduces in length and disappears completely when it becomes an adult. Adult frogs are either males or females. They mature and start the cycle of life all over again like their parents did. That is why this is referred to as a cycle. In this frog life cycle printable worksheet, children will test their understanding of these different stages by labelling each stage from an answer bank. Parents and teachers can use this test sheet to reinforce their child’s learning. Come back for more and also check out our science games section.