Electricity and Magnetism Game Quiz Online

This page features an Electricity and Magnetism Game Quiz Online. Learn about the forms of electricity by playing and interactive online science game. Also learn about magnetism, attraction, induction, refraction, magnetic field and more. This game is for classroom or individual practice. Click and start learning. 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades.


Electricity and Magnetism Game Quiz Online

Electricity is the movement of…

  1. Positrons
  2. Electrons
  3. Quarks
  4. Bosons

The Earth’s magnetic field is strongest at ________ and the weakest at ________.

  1. The poles, the equator
  2. The equator, the poles
  3. The North Pole, the South Pole
  4. The South Pole, the North Pole

The volt (V) is the SI unit for…

  1. Resistance
  2. Current
  3. Electric potential
  4. Power

What is the standard unit for measuring electric charge?

  1. Ampere (A)
  2. Joule (J)
  3. Volt (V)
  4. Coulomb (C)

What does the SI unit “ohm” (symbol: Ω) measure?

  1. Electrical charge
  2. Electric potential
  3. Resistance
  4. Current

What happens when you place the south pole of two magnets near each other?

  1. The magnets will attract each other
  2. The magnets will repel each other
  3. The magnets will levitate
  4. The magnets will generate electricity

What is static electricity?

  1. The transfer of charged particles across a single body
  2. The transfer of charged particles from one body to another
  3. The transfer of uncharged particles across a single body
  4. The transfer of uncharged particles from one body to another

Which one of these SI units measures an electric current?

  1. Ampere (A)
  2. Watt (W)
  3. Kelvin (K)
  4. Candela (cd)

What kind of field is created by an electron when it moves?

  1. Electric field
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Gravitational
  4. Radiation field

As a branch of physics, what does electrostatics study?

  1. Moving electric charges
  2. Moving magnetic fields
  3. Stationary electric charges
  4. Stationary magnetic fields

What do you create when a current is passed through a conductor?

  1. Generator
  2. Tesla coil
  3. Insulator
  4. Electromagnet

Which of these activities is not a demonstration of static electricity?

  1. Rubbing nylon against your skin
  2. Rubbing a balloon against fur or hair
  3. Rubbing a piece of paper against wood
  4. Getting a shock after touching a metal doorknob

All of these are ways in which an electric charge can be transferred except for one. Which is it?

  1. Conduction
  2. Polarization
  3. Convection
  4. Friction

Electric field lines point ______ the positive charge and _______ the negative charge.

  1. Away from, toward
  2. Toward, toward
  3. Away from, away from
  4. Toward, away from

In this type of circuit, the bulbs in other branches stay lit even if one bulb is broken.

  1. Series circuit
  2. Short circuit
  3. Complex circuit
  4. Parallel circuit