Dragonfly Life Cycle Diagram Game Online

The dragonfly life cycle diagram game online for students to practice. Check out how a dragonfly goes from egg to adult through metamorphosis. Biology lesson for students from 2nd to 7th grades.


Dragonfly life cycle diagram gameDragonflies are ancient insects that have been around for 300 million years. They live in two distinct stages, the larval and adult. Depending on the species, weather and predators, the life cycle of a dragonfly can last anywhere from four weeks to several years. Learn about the life cycle of dragonflies by playing this game. You might be surprised by what you see! Here's what you can expect!
Unlike some insects, dragonflies live in three distinct stages. The first stage is the aquatic larva, which develops in the water until it becomes an adult dragonfly. The adult is pale and has reflective wings. The third stage is the adult dragonfly, which emerges from water. The adults can be up to eighteen millimeters long.
The adult dragonfly emerges from the water as a young dragonfly. They start out as eggs and take up to five weeks to hatch. They look like they are made out of reflective material and are often difficult to spot. Then, they begin to feed on plant tissue. The larvae spend the majority of their lives near water surfaces.
The second stage is the dragonfly's larval molt. While the larvae spend several days near water, they start breathing air at the last stage. They then crawl up from nearby vegetation and push out their head, thorax, and legs. They rest for about 30 minutes, where they harden their wings and body. Then, the adult dragonfly emerges as a vibrant flying creature.
During the summer, the female dragonflies lay hundreds of eggs. Female dragonflies deposit these eggs in nearby ponds. Then, the nymphs emerge from the eggs and can take anywhere from a week to several months to reach their adulthood. There are 3,000 different species of dragonflies worldwide. They are among the earliest insects to evolve, so learning about their life cycle will help you better understand how they come to life, their habitats and behavior.
Once the eggs have been laid, the adult dragonfly has a short lifespan, but it continues to hunt for a variety of insects, including small fungi. They later one die and the cycle comes to an end. If you enjoyed this lesson, remember to share. Keep practicing with the interactive game above until you master all stages in the life cycle of this unique insect.

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