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This page features an Alessandro Volta Game Quiz Online. He was an Italian who is credited for inventing the electric battery. He is also the one who discorvered methane gas. There are loads of interesting facts about this inventor which we can be learned through this interactive facts quiz. It is a great exercise for students in 3rd to 9th grades. It is also great for anyone who is interested in learning about him and his discorveries.


Alessandro Volta Game Online

Alessandro Volta Biography

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist, chemist, and lay Catholic who made great strides in the world of electricity. He is known as the inventor of the electric battery, and for discovering methane. But what exactly was he like as a child? Find out in this biography. We also learn about his inventions. Below are some of his most popular discoveries.

Who was Alessandro Volta ?

A physicist, chemist, and Catholic, Alessandro Volta was an Italian whose pioneering work helped to develop electric currents. His contributions to electricity include the electric battery and the discovery of methane. 

Alessandro Volta was born in Como, an Italian city in the duchy of Milan. His father was a Jesuit who had recently married a young woman. The Volta family was well-connected, and his father had three uncles. During this period, Volta began writing letters to physicists such as Giambatista Beccaria and other prominent scientists. As a result of his correspondence with these figures, Volta gained significant insight into electricity.

What did Alessandro Volta invent ?

He is credited as the inventor of electricity and the electric battery. He also discovered methane. His contributions to electricity have been recognized all over the world. But what exactly did Volta do?

As a child, Volta had trouble speaking Italian, but he soon picked up French, English, and German. He traveled to the centers of European science, where he studied under Giambattista Beccaria and other leading physicists. In fact, he was so interested in physics that he began exchanging letters with him at the age of 18.

Alessandro Volta's childhood

Alessandro Volta was born in 1745 in Como, Lombardy, Italy. His parents, who were not wealthy, sent him to the Royal Seminary in the city. Although his parents had intended him to become a priest, they thought he would be an excellent lawyer. But Volta's interests were different, and he eschewed law in favor of the sciences.