Geography, Earth movements, volcanicity, temperature

Geography, Earth movements, volcanicity, temperature, plate techtonics, Earth processes, climate, landforms, rock types and more. This page features science games and worksheets for children. Faeturing games are rally, moonshot, pirate and catapult game. These contain MCQ's and can serve both at home or in the classroom. Science activities for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Earth Processes

earth processes game quiz for 2nd grade science

Learn about some processes that occur at the surface of the Earth..

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Identify rock types

identifying different rock types science game for 2nd graders online.

Pirate game for kids to identify rock types based on pictures.

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Earth movements

Moonshot game on Earth movements online for 5th grade review.

Moonshot game for 5th graders to learn about Earth quakes, volcanicity, plates etc..

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Read thermometers

thermometer reading activity for kids in 1st grade pdf test

Teach kids how to read a thermometer activity for 1st grade kids

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Kinds of rocks

identificatio of rock types 2nd grade worksheet for kids pdf

Learn about some processes that occur at the surface of the Earth..

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Thermometer reading

reading a thermometer 2nd grade worksheet for kids to review.

Learn how to read and record date on thermometers pdf

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Earth processes

Earth science worksheet for grade 2 pdf

Learn and review some 2nd grade Earth science processes, pdf sheet.

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Climate data

climate data reading worksheet for kids to review 4th grade skills.

Teach kids how to read climate data on graphs, pdf printable.

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