3rd grade science activity worksheets PDF

3rd grade science activity worksheets PDF. This page features a multitude of science activities for third graders. Featuring are printable activities on: states of matter, ecosystems, plants, fossils, weather, mixtures, Earth processes, classification of organisms, change of state of matter, rocks and minerals & more.


fish life cycle worksheet for 3rd grade

printable worksheet on fish life cycle | Bird life cycle print >>>

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State of matter

change of states of matter worksheet 3rd grade

Worksheet on the change of state of matter ; solid, liquid, gas practice.

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Object properties

properties of objects worksheet for 3rd grade

Objects property worksheet: soft, hard, bouncy, yellow, bumpy etc

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materials of objects science worksheet for 3rd grade.

Materials of objects science worksheet, made of plastic, wood, paper etc

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Mixtures science worksheet for 3rd grade

Learn about mixtures and non-mixtures. Look at the pictures and tell pdf.

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physical and chemical changes science worksheets for 3rd grade

Physical and chemical changes, science worksheet for kids to learn.

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States of matter

classify and solids, liquid or gas worksheet for 3rd grade

Classify substances as solid liquid or gass. PDF printable activity.

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Parts of a Leaf

identify solid, liquid and gas substances science worksheet for 3rd grade

Practice identifying solid, liquid and gas subtances and object worksheet.

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