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Game rules >>>3rd grade science board games pdf downloads. Pirate board game and crocodile board game. The crocodile board game is so much fun for kids. It is a game board with pitfalls and boosts. You need to roll the dice to determine what moves you need to take. The number on the dice will tell you how many places you can move. However the obstacles on the board will modify this movement. Falling on a crocodile is the worse thing that can happen to you because you will have to go back to start. The fun of this game also integrates an educational component. Students have to pull out a card after rolling the dice and answer a question correctly. The pirate board game is based on the same principle. Third graders can play this game in pairs or as a group and any science skill can be reviewed. Below is a link to flash cards which will serve as accessories for the game. Print out 30 cards or more, shuffle them and begin practicing 3rd grade science skills with your students.

Animal diets

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Free printable science cards.

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Living & Nonliving

2nd grade science cards

Flash cards with questions

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Body parts

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Have fun playing cards

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Parts of a leaf

4th grade science cards

Quick review of science questions

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