1st grade science games for kids online

1st grade science games for kids online, Interactive educational science fun games, Science activities for the classroom, Interactive online tests, learn 1st grade science with fun. Practice science topics on animals, living and nonliving things, animal life cycles, photosynthesis, labelling insects, animal diets and more. Features pirate science game, moonshot game, catapult game, rally game and more. Play and learn science.

Animal diets

pirate science game on animal diets

Pirate science game on animals diets, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores etc

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Animal Body Parts

Science game online on labelling animal body parts

Learn to label different human body parts. Hand, eye, ear , mouth, nose, leg, arm etc.

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Human Body

label human body parts 1st grade game online, mcq

Catapult game on labelling body parts, teeth, skin, tongue, eye, ear etc..

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Frog Life Cycle

pirate science game for 1st grade on frog life cycle

Pirate game on a frog's life cycle. Learn about stages egg to adult frog.

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Living, Nonliving things

identify living and non living thinsg in thsi interactive online game

Learn to disnguish living and nonliving things based on their characteristics.

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Label Insects

label parts of insects game online, moonshot game

A moonshot game on labelling parts of an insect; head, thorax, abdomen.

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science game on photosynthesis 1st grade

Science game on photosynthesis. Learn how green plants make their food.

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Parts of a Leaf

label parts of a leaf worksheet pdf

Identify the parts of a leaf using this worksheet, vein, midrip, balde, stalk etc.

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