What Can We Do About Climate Change? Game Quiz Online

Climate change is happening right now – and its effects impact millions around the world, reducing their supply of food and water, bringing more destructive storms to their doorstep, and causing extinction to several species of plants and animals each year.

We can all do our part to fight climate change, but do you know how?


Which of these appliances commonly have energy-efficient versions?

A.Washing machines



D.All of the above

A lot of food ends up uneaten. Approximately how much of all food in the United States is thrown away into places like landfills each year?

A.3 percent

B.10 percent

C.18 percent

D.30 percent

LED light bulbs are ______ more efficient at using energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

A.four times

B.five times

C.six times

D.seven times

Which is the most affordable type of renewable energy system that you can install on your own household to reduce energy costs?

A.Wind turbine

B.Geothermal power plant

C.Solar panels

D.Hydro dam

Dirty HVAC filters on your air conditioner or heater can cause the system to use more energy. How often should you clean or replace these HVAC filters?

A.Every two weeks

B.Every four weeks

C.Every six months

D.Every three months

Over 2 million tons of plastic bottles are already in landfills. How long will it take for the plastic in these materials to fully degrade?

A.200 years

B.500 wears

C.750 years

D.1000 years

Which of these is not a benefit when you plant trees?

A.They raise the temperature of the air

B.They release oxygen into the atmosphere

C.They cool down our surroundings

D.They absorb carbon dioxide

All of these are excellent ways to cut your carbon emissions when travelling, except…

A.Participating in a carpool

B.Boarding a private jet

C.Riding a bike

D.Walking to nearby destinations

Which of the 4 R’s of Sustainability refers to taking advantage of second-hand items, providing a new purpose to old items?





This aspect of the 4 R’s recommends that you simply lessen your consumption of unneeded goods or products.





Which of these is not true about eating local?

A.Local food has kept more of its nutrients

B.Local food preserves more farmland and open spaces

C.Local food has more chemicals and preservatives

D.Local food is riper and full of flavor

All of these are vegetables you can grow even in a small home garden, except for…




D.Venus flytraps

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this is the hottest month on record ever since 1880.

A.July 1971

B.July 1991

C.July 2001

D.July 2021

Instead of turning on a light all day, you can cut energy costs by using…

A.Neon signs

B.Natural light

C.A rechargeable lamp

D.Incandescent bulbs

Approximately 30 to 50 percent of your waste can be composted. Which is not a benefit of composting?

A.It aerates and fertilizes the soil

B.It reduces the strain on landfills

C.It lessens the need for harmful chemical fertilizers

D.It increases the size of landfills