Role of the Human Urinary System Game Quiz Online

Do you know anybody who has donated one of their kidneys? It’s fascinating that humans have two such organs, and yet can function perfectly fine with only one. However, that doesn’t mean that kidneys are disposable – on the contrary, they serve an extremely important function in the body.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about your own kidneys.


The size of your kidney is roughly similar to that of your…





Which of these is a function of the kidneys?

A.Adding fresh urea to the blood

B.Removing urea from the blood

C.Adding fresh blood into urea

D.Removing old blood from urea

These are thin tubes that serve to connect the kidneys with the bladder, allowing urine to flow into the bladder.


B.Renal vein


D.Renal artery

Each kidney has over a million nephrons. What are nephrons?

A.Nerve cells embedded in the kidneys

B.The basic functional unit of the kidneys

C.Small sacs filled with urea and carbon dioxide

D.Specialized muscles that force urine out of the body

Blood flows into your kidney through the _________ and exits through the ________.

A.Ureter, renal vein

B.Renal vein, renal artery

C.Renal artery, glomerulus

D.Renal artery, renal vein

Which of these is a common symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

A.Blood in the urine

B.Pain or a burning sensation while urinating

C.Pressure or feeling cramps in the groin

D.All of the above

This is the site in your nephron where solutes and waste fluids are filtered from your blood.


B.Loop of Henle

C.Distal convoluted tubule

D.Bowman’s capsule

Urine is composed of approximately ____% water, and ___% each of salts, and other filtered particles.

A.90, 5

B.80, 10

C.95, 2.5

D.97.5, 1.25

What do you call the hollow, balloon-like structure in your pelvis that stores urine?





This refers to a cup-shaped sac that aids in the filtration of substances from the blood. It surrounds the glomerulus.

A.Loop of Henle

B.Bowman’s capsule

C.Collecting duct

D.Efferent arteriole

Each day, your kidneys filter around ____ liters of blood and remove ____ liters of toxins and harmful waste materials.

A.50, 0.5

B.100, 1

C.150, 1.5

D.200, 2

The Loop of Henle is shaped like the letter…





Which is not an effective way to keep your kidneys healthy?

A.Eating foods low in salt

B.Drinking no less than two liters of water daily

C.Staying active

D.Drinking enough sodas and soft drinks regularly

The healthy human bladder can carry around _______ of urine for 2-5 hours before the person begins to feel discomfort.

A.half a liter

B.a third of a liter liter

D.two liters

This is the final passageway through which urine exits the human body.




D.Sweat glands