Odd and even numbers 1st grade worksheet pdf

This page features an odd and even numbers 1st grade worksheet. Even numbers are numbers that are divisible by two while odd numbers can't. Here you will find worksheets that teach you the difference through tests. Click on each sheet to preview before printing out. After practicing, students will understand how to differentiate even from odd numbers.

Even and Odd numbers

Even & Odd numbers 1st grade worksheet

Even and odd numbers pdf

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Odd / even numbers

Even vs Odd numbers worksheet grade 1

Even vs Odd numbers worksheet

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Odd & Even numbers

Even & Odd worksheet pdf

Odd & Even numbers worksheet

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Skip counting

Place Value blocks worksheet free

Skip count kindergarten worksheet

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In this article, you will find some tips and ideas on how to teach your first grade children about even and odd numbers. You can also create an activity, worksheet, game, or lesson plan to help your child learn more about this concept. You can even make it a fun activity by using candy instead of coins! Once you have created an activity, you can move on to the next step and create a lesson plan.

Activity Chart

An interesting 1st grade activity for learning even and odd numbers is to color a table of 100 numbers. Students must circle the even numbers and cross out the odd numbers. The same task can be done in a different order, with the even numbers coming first and the odd numbers last. There are even worksheets for even and odd numbers that you can print out or complete online. You can also do the same exercise at home to reinforce the concepts.


A worksheet on even and odd numbers for 1st grade helps young students distinguish between the two. It includes a series of questions to help students understand the differences. Students then circle the correct or incorrect answers next to the objects in each box to complete the task. These worksheets are a valuable tool for building a solid foundation for future math instruction and scoring well on tests. These worksheets can be found in the pdf printable version.


A 1st grade even and odd numbers game is a great way to reinforce the concepts of even and odd numbers. You can choose from a variety of activities to match the children's ages and abilities. Even numbers are easier to remember than odd numbers, but kids will love bouncing around while learning subtraction facts! Luckily, there are many resources available to help teachers and students practice different math skills. We are building our math games section here on ecosystemforkids. Check them out.

Lesson plans

Students should understand the difference between even and odd numbers so they can sort and compare them. This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that odd numbers are not divisible by two. It also makes learning division rules easier. To help students learn this basic concept, you can use a number card game. As you create your lesson plans on this topic, remember to include the activities and resources above.

External Resources

If you are looking for resources for teaching even and odd numbers in first grade, check them out. Literature can be a helpful way to teach students the difference between even and odd numbers while building academic vocabulary. Even Steven and Odd Todd by Janet Weaver introduces students to the difference between even and odd numbers. This book focuses on grouping and pairing to teach students the difference between even and odd numbers.