Killer Whales and Orcas: Apex Ocean Predators Game Quiz Online

With their graceful movement in water, ferocious appetite, and distinctive black-and-white coloration all over their bodies, orcas are some of the world’s most iconic animals.

Contrary to what their name might suggest, orcas are a member of the dolphin family, and not true whales. How well do you know these apex predators of the sea?


Orcas are carnivores at the top of the food chain. What can they eat?




D.All of the above

A group of orcas is known as a…





Orca mothers give birth to a baby once every three to ten…





Orcas can be extremely fast while swimming, reaching speeds of up to…

A.5.4 kph

B.14.5 kph

C.41.5 kph

D.54 kph

Orcas tend to hunt… themselves pairs small packs large family groups

What is the scientific name of the killer whale?

A. Orcinus orca

B.Orcino orca

C.Orcinotorex orca

D.Orcini orca

__________ pods prefer hunting fish, while _______ pods like to eat marine mammals.

A.Transient, resident

B.Resident, transient

C.Resident, offshore

D.Offshore, transient

The dorsal (top) fin of male orcas, which is used as a stabilizer, can grow up to…

A.2 cm long

B.20 cm long

C.1 meter long

D.2 meters long

Found in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the smallest ecotype of orcas.

A.Pack Ice orca

B.Ross Sea orca

C.Gerlache orca

D.Subantarctic orca

Some countries still hunt orcas for food or to control their population, including…



C.The Caribbean

D.all of the above

What is unique about the sleeping patterns of the killer whale?

A.Their brain stays fully awake while they sleep

B.Only one side of their brain sleeps at a time

C.They sleep with both eyes open

D.They never sleep, and are perpetually tired

Which of these is not a major threat to orca populations?

A.Frequent attacks by giant squid

B.Entanglement in fishing gear

C.Lack of food from overfishing

D.Noise pollution

Although they can be found anywhere from polar seas to the Equator, orcas prefer swimming in…

A.warm, deep sea waters

B.warm, coastal waters

C.cold, coastal waters

D.cold, deep sea waters

Killer whales, alongside dolphins, are members of the taxonomic family…





Adult female orcas typically weigh ________ kilograms.

A.300 to 400

B.3,000 to 4,000

C.30,000 to 40,000

D.300,000 to 400,000