Interesting Facts about the Chinese Water Deer Game Quiz Online

Oh no - the vampires have turned into deer!

Just kidding! Those peculiar critters with the prominent fangs are actually Chinese water deer, and they’re not exactly ravenous bloodsuckers who will attack you in your sleep. Far from it, actually.

How much do you know about these water deer? Find out!


Chinese water deer are native to…

A.China and Korea

B.China and Japan

C.China and Indonesia

D.China and Russia

Which months are considered ‘mating season’ for Chinese water deer?

A.April to July

B.June to September

C.August to December

D.November to February

Male Chinese water deer possess large canine teeth, which can grow as long as…

A.6 centimeters

B.60 centimeters

C.6 meters

D.6 millimeters

How long is the average lifespan of these deer?

A.11 months

B.6 years

C.11 years

D.16 years

What is the average size of a litter of newborn Chinese water deer?

A.1-3 offspring

B.2-6 offspring

C.5-11 offspring

D.12-18 offspring

In the summer, the fur of these deer is ______, which turns ______ during the winter.

A.light chestnut, pale grey

B.light grey, pale brown

C.dark chestnut, pale grey

D.dark grey, pale chestnut

Chinese water deer eat…

A.a herbivorous diet, e.g. grasses and leaves

B.a carnivorous diet, e.g. small mammals

C.a carnivorous diet, e.g. insects and worms omnivorous diet

The Chinese water deer is unique for being the only deer species where the males lack…





Chinese water deer have very _____ tails.





What is the primary social behavior of these deer?

A.They are solitary animals

B.They live only in pairs

C.They hunt in small packs

D.They travel in large herds

The scientific name of the Chinese water deer is Hydropotes inermis, which means…

A.Unleashed water demon

B.Unseen water deer

C.Unarmed water-drinker

D.Unsullied water-dancer

Male deer usually mate with… female throughout his lifetime female, only once in his lifetime

C.many females


According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Chinese water deer is considered…



C.extinct in the wild

D.near threatened

What do Chinese water deer do to escape predators?


B.Run away in short bursts

C.Both A & B

D.Fight off the predators with their fangs

Water deer are able to smell humans as far as ______ meters away