How to Make A PVC Sound Instrument For Kids

Fun science activity for kids in 3rd to 7th grades - The truth is that getting to have music played doesn’t require you to spend too much as you can still get your own musical instruments from PVC. Today, you are going to be shown how you can be able to make PVC sound instrument that will aid you in playing music whenever you wish to.

This is an instrument which became famous through a group known as the Blueman. Just make sure that you follow the steps below to make your own PVC sound instrument today.
Here are the items that you will need for this practical
Get a PVC pipe that has a measurement of width – 2inhces, diameter of 2 foot How to make a music instrument for kids

  • You need a tape for carrying out measurement
  • You need a marker
  • Get a saw
  • Get a sandpaper
  • Get rubber stoppers (4 will be okay)
  • Get a packing tape

Here is how you can have it done
Step 1
You will need to get PVC pipes which have the measurement of 2 feet. You are free to make any width for your pipe. But it is highly recommended that you use 2inches pipe in width. Always remember that the loudness of your pipe will be determined by the choice of its width so you should choose wisely.

Step 2
Get the pipe divided into four parts or sections. That is to say:

  • One part should be 4inch
  • Another should be 5.5inch
  • The other should be 6.5 inch
  • And the last one should be 8.5inch

Step 3
Have the pipes cut into four parts based on the measurements above. Make sure that the measurements are accurate and as exactly as have been described to get the best results. You will need the saw to do this one.

Step 4
After the cutting, you will have to use the sandpaper to have those rough edges sandpapered. This will make them look smooth.

Step 5
At each of the ends of the pipes that you have cut, have a rubber placed.

Step 6
Now on a table, have the pipes that you have cut arranged in descending or order. That is the tallest one will come first to the one that is the least tallest amongst them. Now you will have to make the open ends of the pipes so as to see that they are on the same line.

Step 7
Once you have aligned them and they are in the same line, you can use a parking tape to have them taped together. Do this just as they are in the table.

As simple as this may sound you now have an instrument that you can use to be playing music. Just place the opening close to your mouth and start blowing.



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