How to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Not all insects are bad for your garden. While some bugs may eat your plants, others will help to pollinate your garden and help it grow, while also helping keep away the bad bugs. For example, lady bugs will help keep away the aphids that are snacking on your plants, because lady bugs eat aphids. Having the right set up in your garden can Attracking beneficial insects to your gardenbring in enough beneficial insects that you won’t even need pesticides!
Building a Good Bug Garden
If you want to draw good bugs to your garden, you’ll need to be able to provide them with plenty of food, water, and shelter. You wouldn’t want to kill the beneficial insects by putting harmful chemicals where they live, would you?
Try growing different flowers that bloom at different times of the year so the beneficial insects have access to pollen and nectar to eat. The best kind of flowers to grow for your friendly insects is small flowers since the good insects mostly have small mouths, meaning they can’t feed from large flowers.
Make sure your garden gets plenty of water, this is as much for your plants as it is for the bugs you want to keep around. They need to have puddles and wet leaves to drink from. If you don’t have a good way to evenly spray your garden, put out a pan filled with pebbles and water. The insects will be able to stand on the pebbles so they don’t drown while trying to get water.
A Home
Just like us, bugs need a place to lay their little heads at night. A good home will protect them from the heat and the rain as well as giving them a place to hide from birds and other bugs that are looking for a snack. If you give them some leafy plants to make their homes, they’ll be grateful and help keep your garden safe.
Keeping the Good Insects Around
Once the good insects have finished getting rid of the bad insects, they need a reason to not leave your garden. You can take a small section of your yard and let the non-harmful weeds and other grasses grow there to let all of the bugs roam there instead of in your garden. This will keep the beneficial bugs happy and in your yard instead of someone else’s. As long as there is a balance, you’ll have good bugs roaming around.

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